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Male or female?

Posted By: Shannon98

Male or female? - 06/25/12 04:54 PM

I have 2 budgies I bought from a pet store Saturday.My green one is definitely a male,but I'm not sure about my white one.Its cere is white around its nostrils,but blue around the edges.Is it male or female?If it is female,and they're old enough to breed,I wouldn't mind having babies but I don't know how to raise them,is there a website with information on it?
Posted By: illusive Fantasy

Re: Male or female? - 06/25/12 09:11 PM

shannon i dont mean to sound unpleasant but your just getting birds and really dont know anything as yet about them other than they are birds...keets...

you DONT want them mating and have way to much to learn about birds in general and breeding has wayyyyyy to many complications in general where there are several dangers to mama being and getting egg bound then dying a wretched horrible death for sure...

there is a lot of different supplies you would need to add and get...there is putting away a LOT of money for vet bills first...before ever going down that road to the tune of $500 - $600 and thats not eggagerated in any way and you havent even located a AVIAN VET yet ...reg..DVM or vets have little very little training in birds and really dont know anything much about them...and if you were to live in PA well now the new vets in school there are not even required to take any training and its not offered to them anyway...

then there is you would need separate cages for every bird thats a baby...are you thinking about that...because if you dont...they will inter breed and thats a HUGE no no too...or two very large cages to separate males and females and ...this too...babies wont get along with siblings or their mama and papa at maturity ...its not natural for the reason above and they know there would be some serious bullying going on...

you wont be able to tell for sure the sex of them either especially the white one ..(is it all white?? need pics) till 8 or 9 months of age ...everything is mostly a guess at this time.

i suggest you slowwwwwwww way down on all of this an just learn about all the other things on bird keeping you can and there is a LOT of it to learn...
Posted By: Shannon98

Re: Male or female? - 06/25/12 10:26 PM

I know I don't know much about them,but it's the whole excitement of having them for the first time.And luckily I have avian veterinarians a few towns over.I still haven't called or anything.What should I do to separate them?The cage that they're in from the pet store was a tad expensive,but I have the smaller one still that I need to return,but that one seems too small.The white budgie isn't completely white,it has blue around the belly and feet.
Posted By: illusive Fantasy

Re: Male or female? - 06/25/12 11:17 PM

if your going to return one cage trade up in size with the store for something larger...look at what they call flight cages too ...

and that other bird is a pied then not a white bird...those are harder to sex if all white...

what makes you sure that those vets are AVIAN i know it sounds like a silly question but like i said if they only have the letters DVM after their names those are not avian vets.
Posted By: Shannon98

Re: Male or female? - 06/25/12 11:26 PM

They don't have DVM at the end of their names,but the website says one of the vets specializes in birds
Posted By: tessboss

Re: Male or female? - 06/25/12 11:31 PM

If he or she is a DR. then it is a vet. some Dr's. don't use the DVM. If it is an avian vet great!
Posted By: Shannon98

Re: Male or female? - 06/25/12 11:44 PM

It doesn't say directly on the site if they're an avian vet or not,my mother still needs to call and see.
Posted By: illusive Fantasy

Re: Male or female? - 06/26/12 01:33 AM

well when she calls its important she ask HOW MUCH SCHOOLING they have had in YEARS in avian bird diseases etc...not how much schooling in years but how in depth their bird schooling was...

did they specialize in bird fields of studies...specifically and what was that???

because otherwise they will say yes they have had training and that willll be they all get SOME training but not ENUF...its very broad a little of cats and a little of dogs and a little of birds and a little of small animals make up their maybe 4 yrs of vet school but avain training is longer than 4yrs
Posted By: Shannon98

Re: Male or female? - 06/26/12 01:51 AM

Okay,thank you
Posted By: illusive Fantasy

Re: Male or female? - 06/26/12 11:30 PM

anytime your most welcome ..she neednt be shy on asking these questions either...if they are...qualified they will be more than happy and proud to let her need to know what your money is buying...
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