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Budgies Intimidating Each Other?

Posted By: Shannon98

Budgies Intimidating Each Other? - 06/25/12 01:04 PM

It seems as if my budgies have been intimidating each other.The first cage we had was too small for them.The first night I found my male clinging to the back of the cage,breathing hard,and my female close by.The next day we went and got them a bigger cage with plenty of room for them to move around and be apart from each other.We believed because of the small cage my female was feeling stressed so that's why she intimidated him.But every now and then she'll nip him and he'll try to move away and she usually leaves him alone,but this morning when I was changing their food and water and cleaning the cage tray she went after him a second time in a row,then he started nipping her instead.Is this normal?What should I do? cry
Posted By: Pineapple

Re: Budgies Intimidating Each Other? - 06/25/12 02:24 PM

I hear you Shannon98. I'm getting a separate cage for my 2 budgies as recommended 1. for health reasons to make sure the new bird isn't sick and 2. to make sure my first bird can later bond with the new bird without having his space invaded and 3. to make is so the new bird bonds with me instead of my old bird first. I was told this by 2 people on this site c:. I have 1 male who I had for years and I just bought a new parakeet. They seem to get along just fine but sometimes when she is in his spot he likes perching on or she eats out of his bowl (I put 2 bowls of food and 2 bowls of water in) he tries to scare her off like a territorial issue :c Are you sure it's male and female? Also did you get the birds at the same time or did you do what I did and introduce a new bird into the cage?
Posted By: Shannon98

Re: Budgies Intimidating Each Other? - 06/25/12 02:52 PM

I'm not entirely sure,now that I've been reading up on hoe ceres can be misleading.I bought them at the same time,the only time they were separated was for about a 20 minute car ride home in those little transport boxes the pet store puts them in to take them home.
Posted By: illusive Fantasy

Re: Budgies Intimidating Each Other? - 06/25/12 08:56 PM

sex determination that takes several months to decide from the baby stage they have to grow some for 8 months or so to determine what the sex will be...but hey at least with a keet this can be done where other birds only way is with a blood test.
Posted By: tessboss

Re: Budgies Intimidating Each Other? - 06/25/12 11:26 PM

Hi Shannon It really doesn't matter what sex your birds are if one is bullying the other. It has nothing to do with the sex sometimes. I had two males and one was a bully and I separated them immediately so the victim wasn't so stressed and would not get hurt.

Once it starts it will not end even with a bigger cage...been there done that. I bought a huge flight cage and Tom continued to bully and in fact it got worse as time went on.

Good luck and please be observant if it is a regular problem, you need to act to stop it. Put the aggressor in the smaller cage alone with toys, and it will immediately relieve the victims stress.
Posted By: Shannon98

Re: Budgies Intimidating Each Other? - 06/25/12 11:56 PM

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