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Hand Training Two Budgies

Posted By: Shannon98

Hand Training Two Budgies - 06/25/12 02:27 AM

Yesterday I purchased two budgies from my local pet store.They are starting to calm down and one chirped for the first time today and they're moving around a little more.I know when I start hand training after they're 100% okay with me being in the room that I need to separate the birds.My question is,if I train just one of them to trust my hand,and put them together,would it be easier to train the other one if they see the other trusting me?I know they love to mimic each other.Any help would be appreciated.Thanks!
Posted By: MarleyandMe

Re: Hand Training Two Budgies - 06/25/12 03:34 AM

Hi and Welcome smile

How old are the keets do you know? If you are unsure of sex, I would seperate them now, not wait until you start training as you could have accidental breeding smile

Honestly with two it will always be a bit more difficult to hand tame as the birds have eachother so less likely to bond with you more than the other bird...that said it can be done!

Just go really slowly, one bird at a time with the other in a seperate cage out of sight (and hearing distance). Go really slow, start by using a perch to get them to step up onto and then gradually move your finger along the perch until it's the finger they are stepping on, instead of the perch. It's important to realise if you go too fast it's like stepping backwards and it will erase any trust you've built with the bird up until that point. Go very slow, it's the key - it doesn't make a difference in the long run how long it takes, an extra week or two now for a lifetime of happy loving keets?

Good luck smile
Posted By: illusive Fantasy

Re: Hand Training Two Budgies - 06/25/12 07:39 AM

no sorry they wont copycat if you train one the other wont follow suit you have to train both...just the way it goes...and one person doing the training till its firmly instilled in them is recommended...patience...go wont happen in just a few days or weeks...and sometimes even ..just when you think you made progress...they go backwards for awhile ..but it all eventually gets done. smile
Posted By: Shannon98

Re: Hand Training Two Budgies - 06/25/12 12:43 PM

I'm not sure how old they are,but they're old enough to determine the gender.I have a male and a female.
Posted By: Shannon98

Re: Hand Training Two Budgies - 06/25/12 12:44 PM

Posted By: illusive Fantasy

Re: Hand Training Two Budgies - 06/25/12 04:35 PM

id like to add a couple things...wish that pic was closer to see the birds better but for sure that cage looks way to small for two birds..bigger is better when you can...a decent size cage at best should be at least 2ft long by 18inches in width an 2 !/2 feet high...with several feeding cups in it....especially with more than one bird... smile
Posted By: Shannon98

Re: Hand Training Two Budgies - 06/25/12 04:57 PM

Yeah,we bought a bigger cage yesterday because it seemed as if they were getting too territorial and one really scared the other.I just haven't gotten a chance to take a more recent picture.
Posted By: Shannon98

Re: Hand Training Two Budgies - 06/25/12 08:16 PM

Actually,I've been reading up on how ceres can be misleading,so I'm not sure what their gender is,or how old they are.I can't separate them because my mom can only afford one cage,the only cages that give them plenty of room are at the pet store,and they're expensive.
Posted By: illusive Fantasy

Re: Hand Training Two Budgies - 06/25/12 10:58 PM

try shopping craig list or listings in local newspaper and ebay sells cages MUCH cheaper than pet stores...this is why its important to save a good size money pot for these guys especially when it comes to vet time to save YOUR allowance or earn a allowance doing things to have your own money for proper things for your can also check flea mkts just be sure if you do or yard sales the wire of the cage is POWDER COATED and not old style cages not having this bare wire is toxic...and ya dont want round cages can also post on a postcard size paper in grocery stores etc that your looking for a large bird cage at reasonable price for childs pets...

offer to do some work around the house to pay your mom back and earn the kids would dig thru their toys etc and do a side walk sale to get some it may mean even selling some of what you have doing that.

you said you bought a bigger cage so that means you do have TWO cages that you can separate them into for now till you find a way to get something more suitable but you should separate

the very minimum size cage for ONE bird should be 20inches long by 18inches wide by 24inches tall and that would leave only a little room for a FEW toys...and a swing but thats the smallest a cage should be ...and like i said for one bird...any smaller is too small and causes a bird to become stress as a cage should be large enuf for a bird to flap its wings freely without hitting things...
Posted By: Shannon98

Re: Hand Training Two Budgies - 06/25/12 11:54 PM

The first cage I bought isn't even close to the minimum,and my mother's returning it tomorrow.
Posted By: illusive Fantasy

Re: Hand Training Two Budgies - 06/26/12 01:30 AM

ok like i said...maybe you can talk her into trading up in size a bit for a second cage...tell her you will do odd jobs to pay her back...let her know its important and she should even talk to the store people on how important is it to have a larger cage ...etc etc...

good luck...but if you tell her your going to do some extra work to pay her back MEAN IT be TRUTHFUL...
Posted By: kksuns

Re: Hand Training Two Budgies - 06/26/12 06:55 PM

Ya really stinks that these pet stores sell people such small cages telling them they are fine. grrrrr!!! And to sell one that small for not just one but TWO birds???? GEEEZ!!! There oughta be a law.
It would be a good idea to educate those pet store people, let them know that that size cage is just not appropriate.
If you just got that cage, maybe you CAN trade up in size.
Tell your mom to give em heck. lol We moms can be good at that when we want to be.

Check craigslist every day for possible cages. They tend to go fast once someone lists one so you have to keep checking and jump on it.
Posted By: illusive Fantasy

Re: Hand Training Two Budgies - 06/26/12 11:26 PM

i absolutely agree on cages that small should be outlawed to sell for even one bird never mind two thats insane being put into a very small bathroom and say this is where you will eat ...sleep...and thats it for you for the rest of your life...

four of those small cages put together wouldnt be enuf room for toys or a swing or several food cups cuttle bone mineral block what the heck are they thinking.

heck the doors are too small to even get your hand in to do much of anything... frown

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