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keets need new home

Posted By: Kareki

keets need new home - 03/10/12 06:37 PM

i'm moving and i have to get rid of my two parakeets. except i don't want to just give them to any ol' person, and i don't have any friends that can take them... don't want to give them back to the pet store 'cause i want them to have a 'home'... can't take them to the pound...
it would be ideal if there were some manner of bird sanctuary lol but that's highly unlikely. i really don't want to give them to some random person i don't know. anybody have any ideas for homeless keets? something in northern california? ;n;
Posted By: illusive Fantasy

Re: keets need new home - 03/10/12 08:03 PM

first of all sorry about having to get rid of them and rehome them and yes its hard as you just never know what sort of home they will go to an would like to. I found out the hard way once you just never know as i gave my breeding flock of cockies to TWO vets...a husband and wife, no less who took them in and i thought wow i got lucky...not so as the nitemare that happened afterward was unbelievable which i still dont talk about ...ok

your lucky living where you do as there is so much there...and im sure if you do a google you can find a bird "sanctuary" there as most states have at least a couple...there is also this..try posting a picture in a vets office or call a vet and ask if they know of any sanctuaries nearby so you can rehome them.

also there are folks in this forum that may live somewhere near you if they see this and would consider taking then in as occasionally birds have been rehomed right thru this forum with members.

and here is another thought...see if you can find a breeder that might be interest in bringing in new blood to their breeding program...if the birds are not too old.

wishing you much luck on this one smile

...thank gawd ive made those arrangements long ago for my cappy should anything happen to me with someone i know will take excellent care of him....but not all of us get so lucky...i wouldnt give cappy to my older kids as they just are not BIRDIE people... frown

i just googled for you an came up with a lot of links for this ...check it out.,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&fp=2f95c0d86315f210&biw=1069&bih=655

ok forget that link it wont work for you but put in the google search engine what i did and you will find a lot of links

bird adoption centers in california

that will bring up a lot of centers and links for you.
Posted By: Kareki

Re: keets need new home - 03/10/12 08:32 PM

thanks for the suggestions! i've found a breeder a few hours away and i've emailed to ask if they could take my boys.
Posted By: illusive Fantasy

Re: keets need new home - 03/10/12 09:42 PM

well thats one way...hope you gave them all the details too such as color ...age ...etc...good luck...
Posted By: Lady Vyz

Re: keets need new home - 03/10/12 11:50 PM

I wish we lived in CA. I would take them site unseen. Sorry, FL is too far away. Can you post some pics?
Posted By: Kareki

Re: keets need new home - 03/11/12 12:09 AM

well i don't have my cam with me right now, but they look practically exactly like your Dickie and Denny there X3
Posted By: MarleyandMe

Re: keets need new home - 03/11/12 01:21 AM

Good Luck, how come you can't take them with you - if I may ask? Bird's are one of the easiest pets to move with....It's dogs and cats that are harder!
Posted By: MarleyandMe

Re: keets need new home - 03/11/12 01:22 AM

Also, try some animal shelters....Not pound - we have organisations like the RSPCA here, and they do take birds in some places as I often see birds for rehoming via their adoption sites.
Posted By: Kathy A

Re: keets need new home - 03/11/12 01:59 AM

In southern CA (I think) is Best Friends rescue. I know they take birds....they have them for adoption, but no budgies right now. You can find them on the internet. They have rescues they work through also, so maybe something closer to where you are now. It's worth a try.
Posted By: Kareki

Re: keets need new home - 03/11/12 02:00 AM

ohh that is a good idea. we do have an spca here. i'm moving in with some friends that have a bad-tempered cat that would not be kind to them. i'd rather them be happy with someone else than in danger.
Posted By: illusive Fantasy

Re: keets need new home - 03/11/12 02:08 AM

id be careful about animal shelters and rescues and make absolutely certain they are a NO KILL shelter ...or if they have a time limit as to how long they keep animals...some after a designated time either put down animals or send them to RESEARCH LABS...
Posted By: Kathy A

Re: keets need new home - 03/11/12 02:26 AM

I know that Best Friends is a no kill shelter/rescue/sancuary. They have some of the Michael Vick dogs that were to emotionally damaged to adopt out that are going to live out their lives there, I sponsor Little of them. But not sure how far this place is from where you might not be doable. If I ever adopt another animal, dog, cat (not likely even though I love them) or bird, it will be through them. They do good work.
Posted By: Cetan

Re: keets need new home - 03/13/12 03:49 PM

And if they are too far for you they may know of a rescue closer to you
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