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Latest Pics of the terrible twins!

Posted By: MarleyandMe

Latest Pics of the terrible twins! - 02/29/12 10:38 AM

Here they are...

they are at such a cute age. Almost at the end of their weaning now, eating their mixed parrot mix - and sprouted seed and LOVE their fruit and veg (had to actually stop that during the weaning, as they would only it that and nothing else!)....But now they are so cute, they are so attached to me it's adorable....They start soon as they hear me before they can see me...Once they are out they fly all over, from me to hubby and then around the room, always coming back to me. They are into EVERYTHING now lol, it's like baby proofing the house all over again. They hate it when we're in the room and their cage door is closed...Sometimes I bring Marley out here so they get all screaming because they can see her with me and can't get out to come to me too lol...
Posted By: Kathy A

Re: Latest Pics of the terrible twins! - 02/29/12 04:50 PM

They are adorable! Looks like you're getting your ear pierced in one of them smile Are you going to keep both of them?
Posted By: illusive Fantasy

Re: Latest Pics of the terrible twins! - 02/29/12 06:55 PM

and to think they are gonna just get even brighter in time with their colors too...and yep you have been doing the feeding and so they would go to their food source giggle...

keep the pics coming always love pics
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