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Posted By: Daniellero

Bathing - 07/06/11 09:17 PM

I know everyone says keep trying with the bathing. Today i bought two different kind of tubs, one clip on and one with a mirror in it. Tried to put in the cages, one for each of my keets and it scared them so I put outside the cages.

The thing is I have a really nice plain water garden which is really just pottery with stones and a little jug with running water. I would think this would be much more interesting to them because of the running water and I put it next to serenades cage when they were both hanging out and nothing. Maybe I should just leave it next to ceecees cage running all day?

Does anyone's birds play in running water
Posted By: tessboss

Re: Bathing - 07/06/11 10:04 PM

Yes but not right away when Bob started bathing. He only baths on wet greens and now while he is rolling around and flapping his wings he lets me dribble water over him.

It took a while. I really do not know of anyone that can get their birds in a bath tub. The plain water garden sounds great but if you can control the flow to just drips for a while you might be more successful.
Posted By: JeanneM

Re: Bathing - 07/09/11 02:45 AM

Do you change the water out daily in the fountain feature? It might get a bit sour and just not fresh for them. Chippy does a regular bath in a glass pyrex dish (5"x7"x1"), but he LOVES the sound of running water. I think I can envision him enjoying that fountain. I would put some favorite toys in his bath water. Just like a 3 yr old, toys attract. I don't have it available all day long. I simply offer it for a few minutes, if he's not in the mood, he waits till the next day.
Posted By: Daniellero

Re: Bathing - 07/09/11 12:33 PM

Thanks for the suggestions. I haven't changed the water because it's loose stones and they would all just fall out, but the water evaporates quickly and I add new water often. Yesterday I found a small stone laying out when I came home from work. The water garden was off but maybe CeeCee investigated? I hope so. I guess I could try the greens on the floor with serenade but he will probably just be scared of new things in his cage, but I will try when I get home from work today. I have been looking for a mister but havnt seen one at the store locally. I know I can find one if I really look though.
Posted By: Daniellero

Re: Bathing - 07/09/11 12:37 PM

I can't believe your bird takes a bath in a glass dish. That is really funny, I would think he would slip. The funniest was my old bird Skittles (one of a kind) who used to hop onto my head when I took a shower and take a bath there!
Posted By: kksuns

Re: Bathing - 07/09/11 07:19 PM

I would be careful of the fountain...make sure there is no where little feet could get caught. You would thunk with it circulating water must go in thru something and circulate back and around? IDK And also what is it made of?

I think I have one of the tubs you talked about with the mirror at the bottom? Small and tub shaped? If that's what you have, then honestly they are no where near big enough for a keet to bathe in. They like to be able to dip in and stretch their wings in the water. I was clueless to that when I got the lil tubby. lol I now use it to put foot toys in and they love tossing the toys out of it.

My guys love a plastic sandwich container with greens in it for a tub. tried other things and that is what they decided they like. Crazy kids!
I do love the idea of a bigger tub like Jeanne uses. I keep forgetting to look for one when at Walmart or somewhere!

Oh, for a mister you can get a plain ole spray bottle..most have a mist setting on them. I get them at dollar store and they also have them at drugstores like Rite Aid..CVS..

Just keep offering bath and eventually one will cave in and go for it. The other will soon follow smile Maybe even try splashing the water with your fingers when they are watching and pretend it is soooooo much fun. Sometimes even flicking a little water from your fingers on them helps to give them the idea.

LOL @ Skittles on your head in the shower! Soo cute!
Posted By: Daniellero

Re: Bathing - 07/09/11 08:32 PM

Interesting! My water garden is small,like the size of a pasta bowl. It is pottery made by an artist. My sister gave it to me. There is a mini glazed urn where the water comes out and the bowl is filled with small decorative stones and sea glass and marbles. What is interesting is I came home and two stones were out on the top of the cabinet. I left ceecees cage open, the water garden is next to her and she was just sitting inside like "who me". So I know she's playing with it. The question is, is she bathing? If I can just catch her at it!
Posted By: Daniellero

Re: Bathing - 07/12/11 12:53 PM

Update on the bathing, I have not been able to get either to bathe, either in various tubs or wet lettuce. So I finally got a mister and misted above and let the water fall down. They got a kick out of it, fluffing up and stuff.
Posted By: sixbirds

Re: Bathing - 07/13/11 02:36 PM

I just give my birds a large water dish and they use it...althought i usually have to refill it twice, because they splash all the water out haha
Posted By: kksuns

Re: Bathing - 07/13/11 06:36 PM

Niiiice they like being misted Daniellero. Yaay!
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