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Posted By: Katie Garvey

Worried.... - 04/28/11 01:42 AM

ok this is kinda scaring me a tad im getting another dog this summer and it's going to be anywere from 65-90 pounds! and im worried about it like eating or like knocking my bird's cage!!! cuz this breeder said they are verry rambuncious as any puppy is!! and jump on tables knock thing's over and as the dog matures it will settle but still be curious and there seriosuly no joke 100% safe place to put my bird's cage!!!!! like on top of my refridurator would be the only 100% safe place!!!!!!!!! and thats kinda crazzzzyyyyyyyy!!!!!! what do i do because as we all know puppys are wild crazzzyyyy!!!
Posted By: Connor G

Re: Worried.... - 04/28/11 01:49 AM

She will be fine I have a 75 pound black lab and my birds were totally fine, I have seen the table Dobbie is on and itnis tall enough to were the dog won't be able to jump to. But if you feel the need to, gate off the place where the table is.
Posted By: Katie Garvey

Re: Worried.... - 04/28/11 01:54 AM

yeah i hope...because the lady said she would use molly(the 65 pound dog) but if they cant they have to use bella!! and the dad remb is 90 pounds and if they use molly the pups size goes from 65 pounds t o75 but if they use bella the pups range from 90-100!!!!!!!!! sooooooo im worried still and they are in the hearding catagory of dog so she said we shouldnt be suprised if the dog tips over things and they are powerfull sooo im worried
Posted By: Connor G

Re: Worried.... - 04/28/11 02:04 AM

Maybe look at a different dog, if the dog as a puppy is 90 pounds that seem like a HUGE dog!
Posted By: Katie Garvey

Re: Worried.... - 04/28/11 02:06 AM

haha noo silly common! hahah the adult size of the dog could be anywear from 65-100 basically it depends what mother she uses
Posted By: illusive Fantasy

Re: Worried.... - 04/28/11 02:31 AM

katie that seems like a accident that will be waiting to happen...isnt it best to be safe than sorry about all this
Posted By: Katie Garvey

Re: Worried.... - 04/28/11 02:46 AM

hahaha yeah it really is!!!(: and thanks for replying! it seriuosly means alot!!!(: and im sorry about what i said in the other post!!! it was an accident and you do seriously give the BEST advice(:
Posted By: illusive Fantasy

Re: Worried.... - 04/28/11 02:50 AM

no worries hoping its gonna be taking care of SOON...
Posted By: Katie Garvey

Re: Worried.... - 04/28/11 03:01 AM

hahah awww shank's(: and it will people just dont like the truth somtimes and good advice(:
Posted By: Toony

Re: Worried.... - 04/28/11 03:10 AM

Katie why do you want a dog if thats going to happen? By the way on top of the fridge would seem like one of my budgie's favorite spot (haha).

I have a confession to make. I had so many stresses and problems before going to the Sci Fair before but for some dumb reason i brought my budgies to the science fair (my project was about budgies by the way). The budgies were excited and stuff for the wrongest reasons! They liked it because they could just start chirping wildly and all these kids would come and beg to feed them.Gosh it was so terrible. I couldnt be by the cage 24/7 cuz i had to be at class and the least i could do is put a bag on the roof of the cage and hope that no kid tries to stick their hands in there. While I was in the class i kept on having these fears and kept excusing myself to the bathroom to check on the birds. But I couldnt go of course because there were teachers on guard. Well the birds are actually my neighbors and my neighbor's daughter just happens to go to the same school. So when she comes to the science fair she just suddenly thinks she can do whatever she wants since their HER birds.She takes off the cage cover, practically steals the millet and starts feeding them, then a huge bunch of kids form and start throwing seeds in the cage, pushing shoving and when i hear of it i just get so stressed out like i literaallyy panic as if i had a heart attack. By the way i have a very close realtion ship with my neighbors birds thats why. And at the end of class the etacher is like, Why didnt you go downstairs and take care of your birds? I hear this has happened," and im like HOW WAS I SUPPOSE TO KNOW!

So yeahhhhh
Posted By: Toony

Re: Worried.... - 04/28/11 03:11 AM

Basically if you feel somethings gona happen dont do it, cuz you'll get yours someday.
Posted By: tessboss

Re: Worried.... - 04/28/11 01:38 PM

They make a thing called an x pen. It may work in your situation. You can make a area for the birds and use the x pen to surround them but you still will have to supervise the dog at all times.
Posted By: skycastle

Re: Worried.... - 04/28/11 04:01 PM

You'll be fine. Just keep a close eye out and close the door to your bird cage when you aren't around. We have 3 dogs, one being 150 lb English Mastiff and none of them show any interest in my birds at all.
Posted By: illusive Fantasy

Re: Worried.... - 04/28/11 05:35 PM

i would just like to take a moment to bring to caution the thought ..just becuz some dogs are like this ...thats not the norm and not allll situations are the same in every event...
Posted By: skycastle

Re: Worried.... - 04/28/11 08:48 PM

Exactly. Not ALL dogs are bird killers. You'll just have to see how it goes! Good luck w/ your new puppy! That's exciting.
Posted By: illusive Fantasy

Re: Worried.... - 04/28/11 09:12 PM

oh sky i dont want to think of any dog as a "killer" however there are dogs whose specific breed is to "seek ..or stalk...or outright hunt" something...and its these particular breeds that more caution needs to be given...including "protective" breeds.

a LOT however, isnt only about their instinct which is soooo overpowering and "INSTANT AND REACTIVE" , to them, its also about good discipline training with them as well...
Posted By: tessboss

Re: Worried.... - 04/28/11 09:38 PM

I have a 3 year old English Springer Spaniel and she is trained quite nicely and listens pretty well and I would not trust her as far as I could throw he around a loose Bob.

Whenever Bob is out for his time she is crated because I cannot possible ask her to betray her instincts and she couldn't if she tried.

She does not go near the cage because I have trained her not to and she does real well with that.

If I were bringing a puppy in I would not trust it at all until it is trained and proves it could be trusted. Its a puppy and they are curious and they do not know any better.

Well, that is my take on it but other folks may have different approaches.
Posted By: illusive Fantasy

Re: Worried.... - 04/28/11 09:42 PM

i think thats excellent input is not reasonable to expect them to control a deep primorial instinct...
Posted By: Calliou

Re: Worried.... - 04/29/11 11:36 AM

My 180 pound Great Dane doesn't even know Tiki is here.... Lol! and JoJo, our cockatiel isn't fazed by any of our dogs... our hunting dog (half Beagle) doesn't mess with the birds either.
But they are never left alone with any of the dogs because primal instinct may very well take over at the most inopportune time!
Posted By: PDM

Re: Worried.... - 04/29/11 03:04 PM

Hi Katie,

I hope that you and your family will bear all this advice in mind and think very carefully about how you will keep your bird safe and stress-free, if you also have this new puppy.

I know that plenty of people seem to cope very well with a wide selection of pets ~ and I am no expert on this subject ~ I just think that if it is going to work ~ for you, your family and your pets ~ then you will all need to do a lot of thinking and planning.

Good luck smile
Posted By: kksuns

Re: Worried.... - 04/29/11 04:04 PM

I don't think it's the size of the dog that matters. It could be a 5 pounder or a 100 pounder. A lot depends on the dog/puppy itself. It's disposition.
There is no way of knowing what your puppy will be like until it's had time to grow, learn and be trained. Even the best trained and sweetest tempered dogs should NEVER be left unattended when birds are out. Even if they don't mean to hurt the bird, it can most certainly happen. Just by placing their big ole paw on it "playing"

Your best bet is to find a safe place out of reach of your new dog. On top of the refrigerator is NOT an option. It's a terribly spot for a bird cage. Too much cooking and odors and even temp changes. Not to mention grease etc.

Like you said yourself..puppies(and this one is going to be a big one LOL) are rambunctious and clumsy. Be sure to find a good safe place for the cage BEFORE you get the pup. He could very well knock in to the cage or stand and send it tumbling.

How big is your bird's cage? Can it possibly be hung somewhere? Safely and securely? Can someone build a nice secure shelf to put it on? Large enough for the cage to be STABLE on it and high enough to be out of reach of dogs.

Anyway, congrats on getting a new puppy. Just be very VERY cautious.
My dog Abbey is a sweetheart and would never intentionally harm my birds..or even outside birds squirrels...any small animal. BUT I still never leave her unattended when my birds are out.It's just not worth the risk no matter how small.
Posted By: Merry

Re: Worried.... - 04/29/11 06:02 PM

My dog is oblivious to Jeffie, but Jeffie would not hesitate to land right on the dog or withing grasp if you let her. Sometimes, unpredictably, she will drop down to the floor to explore. Vigilance and planning are crucial when mixing different pets as it is when mixing pets and children.
Posted By: illusive Fantasy

Re: Worried.... - 04/29/11 08:57 PM

personally only my observation in having also breed and shown dogs...i wouldnt trust it to be a situation that would not turn out badly...puppy or grown dog smile
Posted By: Katie Garvey

Re: Worried.... - 04/29/11 09:54 PM

Toony: Well i want another dog because my family and me love animal's!!(: We have a ton of them! And a puppy would make a GREAT addition the the family(: Isn't putting a bird cage on top of a refridurator kinda not the easyist thing to acecess??

Tessboss: Ok thank you!(: I will definetly look into the XPen! and dont worry i will supervise the dog and will not trust the dog and let her know the boundries with my bird dobby(:

Skycastle: Thank's and man you have a big dog!! A cute dog though(: and no hahaha puppy's arent killer's just curious;)! A new puppy is alway's exciting!!

Illusive: Dont worry(: i will deffiently take caution with the puppy! And dicipline him and train the dog(:(:(: And your right!! No dog is a killer(:! It's just it's normal instinct that's all(:

Calliou: Wow you have a BIG dog!! ive heard they are actully pretty mellow(:

PDM: Yess hahaha my family has TON'S of planning to do(:

kksun: Yes size of the dog probably dosent matter(: This dog breed has a good disposition. Yes i agree with you! Im not putting the cage on top of the refridurator(:. Idk how big my cage exactly is but it isnt to small but isnt big either. Im not 100% shure were i will put it i will figure that out later and thanks! Getting a new puppy should be fun!(:

merry: hahaha ok thank's!(:

THANKS GUY'S!!!(: for all the amazing ideas and advice!!!!!(:
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