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Molting Process

Posted By: ZorkZork69

Molting Process - 06/26/10 03:14 AM

Well, as most people know, it's spring time and the keets are losing their winter feathers and getting summer ones. Chi-Chi has been molting for the past month, every time I see her I can always see a few pinfeathers sticking out. She takes baths often to soften the pinfeathers now but I don't want her to be in pain for this long if I can do something about it.
Posted By: kksuns

Re: Molting Process - 06/26/10 03:50 AM

Hi Zork,
A good diet is VERY important during a molt. Feathers are made of something like 88% protein, so an added protein source will help during a molt.
Will she eat eggs? Hard boiled eggs are a good source of protein. Be sure to boil for 20-25 mins to kill any bacteria/salmonella. Chop the egg up really well and see if she likes it. Only leave egg in cage for a couple hrs tops tho as it spoils quickly.
Adding an egg food mix is also an excellent way to up protein and increase nutrition. I get this one
IDK if that link will work. You can find egg foods at most pet stores.
Posted By: ZorkZork69

Re: Molting Process - 06/26/10 03:55 AM

Im extremely low on money right now. I cant even buy Chi Chi food. i have a few millet stalks left but I have a big bag of quality parakeet seed coming in a few days in the mail. I think I will experiment with assorted foods that I have in my house right now until the food comes in.
Posted By: illusive Fantasy

Re: Molting Process - 06/26/10 05:59 AM

As mentioned by kksuns during a moult their bodies go thru extreme depletion of protein..this is why they become so grouchy along with the external uncomfortablenss of pin feathers...they dont feel good inside or out..unless a proper diet is given to them their new feathers wont be healthy either..if you have these veggies in the house feed your bird these...dont experiment with most foods as what we eat mostly isnt good for them and can in fact also make them very sick...some veggies..carrots..snowpeas..spinach...watercress...beet leaves..brocolli...sweet potatoe...if you have some good egg noodle pasta VERY cheap in grocery stores ..cook some of it...let cool thoroughly before offering..above veggies feed raw...egg as kksuns mentioned...only dont want to fry in butter or the like...well cooked chicken meat ground fine(no fat on it or skin)...again dont leave in cage more than a few hours...oatmeal for now or something like sugar coated or flavored dairy products such as milk or cheese type items...hopefully your seed will come very very soon and hopefully you didnt order way more than you would feed in about 4mos as it can spoil quickly with mold etc..dont refrigerate your seed this speeds the deterioration of seed just tightly seal in a zip lock bag with air squeezed out and then keep a smaller amt in a tightly locked sealed plastic container..i dont even like plastic..cuz of the chemicals so i preferably use glass jars when i can....good luck...but dont let yourself run out of supplies to such a critical the future...your bird cant deal with the physical stress of improper nutritional levels for even short times....

Also avoid asparagus, aubergine or eggplant, cabbage, caffeine (tea and coffee), junk food, milk and cream, raw potato, and rhubarb (including the leaves).
Posted By: aaadraine&chicki

Re: Molting Process - 06/26/10 09:32 PM

My bird has started his molting a few days ago. Just begining.
If I had not been waiting for it I may have not noticed right away.
I've only seen a few whole feathers in the bottom of the cage.
And now a small little rash of stubbly little 'aglets' look like
little plastic tips ( dark) will soon be showing on my bird's head.

And so my bird will probably be more irritable in the next few weeks.
I would like to say to the folks who keep their bird's wings clipped
to Clip the wings ONLY after the new feathers have reached their full
growth. During the molting process, the new feathers contain
so many tiny blood vessels which bleed if cut 'into' and cause
pain. So clip way after the feathers have reached full growth and the
blood supply is no longer present. I stopped the wing-clipping
a few months ago and gaurd extra against tragic escape (keeping a eye)

I just want my bird's molting process to go well. and though
molting is normal process? I try to be extra careful and think
how my bird must feel? Like if we had all the itchy and irritating
and maybe painful ( coming in all of a sudden) It is a time
I am particularly ALERT of my bird and I let him rest and I
do not handle him alot unless he comes to me for 'love'

I/m saying I just let him do his 'thing in peace' The diet
is so important!!! Interesting RE: depletion of protein at this time.
Thank you Illusive F and folks need to know that wink I remember
when I had my first bird? I did NOT know a thing about MOLTING!
AND I was so alarmed OMG. We MUST NOT run out of supplies
for future either. ( always) And I say we must take Good Care
of ourselves too wink So to give our birds OUR BEST to CARE for them!

Also Interesting how to keep the seeds fresh? and I like using
GLASS JARS TOO. OK I tell my bird. Big Days ahead! Another Molting
Journey wink Happy Summer to all the birdies & yours.
Posted By: illusive Fantasy

Re: Molting Process - 06/27/10 01:29 AM

Chicki ..kksuns knows quite a bit about that stuff...maybe you could chat up with her an she could help you out.

I prefer GLASS JARS becuz i reallyyyyyy dont like plastic..we have too much in our lives...whenever i can...ill use glass or something other than plastic. Right down to some things i buy in a grocery store ..guess im on a plastic rage and cant see promoting it if i dont have too...wink.
Posted By: kksuns

Re: Molting Process - 06/27/10 03:13 AM

Sounds to me like she's already got it under control. aadraine&chicki, you're right about them also needing extra rest during a molt along with proper nutrition. Good advice wink
Also Have to agree about glass over plastic anytime!
Posted By: kksuns

Re: Molting Process - 06/28/10 02:25 PM

Hey Zork, How is Chi-Chi doing? What have you been feeding her?

I was thinking..when you do get your keet seed, I wouldn't go and fill a dish right up with it. I would start with just a little at a time. I'm afraid that she might just go nuts over it and engorge herself.
I might be wrong about that,'s just what common sense is telling me.
Anyone else have thoughts about that?
Posted By: illusive Fantasy

Re: Molting Process - 06/28/10 09:08 PM

She needs to eat and wont overstuff her own crop so go ahead and feed...and i hope by now she has REAL budgie food...dont understand letting a animal go without food it give up food before i let a animal go i sure hope its come in the mail by now..
Posted By: ZorkZork69

Re: Molting Process - 07/02/10 01:22 AM

I came back into town after a loing road trip yesterday and I get a call from my father saying: Chi-Chi was going nuts! She's flying around everywhere and she won't stay in her cage.
So I told him that it was because she was hungry and I told him I was going to be picking up food for her that night. My dad told me that the food already got there and he fed her. When I got home she was all fluffed up and content and ready for bed. I fed her a little bit more and put her to sleep at 11. It was a late night for her.

She is now happily flying around the computer room and giving me a slight breeze. She's content and I believe the molt has ended for her.

She is still coming out to my finger when I open her cage which I am very happy about. My Chi-Chi is in good condition laugh

Thanks for the concern you guys! I actually had to put all of the seed that came in the 4 pound bag into mini ziplock baggies because my dad ripped the bag of seed so I had to keep it fresh. I think glass jars look prettier with bird seed in them anyways. I'll try to convert the food into one of those ASAP. lol
Posted By: Aida

Re: Molting Process - 07/02/10 01:46 AM

A question for you guys, would seed stay more fresh if placed in bags closed with a food vacuum sealer? Or is a glass jar still superior?
Posted By: ZorkZork69

Re: Molting Process - 07/02/10 01:59 AM

i think it would stay fresher in glass. I could easily be wrong though.
Posted By: illusive Fantasy

Re: Molting Process - 07/02/10 02:38 AM

Wow if i had a food vacuum sealer id use it and then also STICK IN GLASS JAR lol...just in case..cant be overly cautious be a fanatic on that and not so much on other things ..funny how some of us are. For those without a nice vacuum sealer in my opinion is best especially when plastic comes into play.
Posted By: Aida

Re: Molting Process - 07/02/10 08:06 PM

I'm thinking about getting a FVS, hopefully soon, I think I saw one for about 50 bucks @ Walmart.

Illusive, at what temperature should the seed be stored? Should be in a dark place also?
Posted By: illusive Fantasy

Re: Molting Process - 07/02/10 08:49 PM

i store my seed at about room temp 70degrees NOT refrigerated and in a dark cupboard.
Posted By: Aida

Re: Molting Process - 07/02/10 09:47 PM

Another thing Illusive, knowing myself I'd probably do the same thing (vacuum seal the bags AND place them in glass jars). Lol, my list of things I need keeps getting longer.
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