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Sleeping and chirping

Posted By: Aida

Sleeping and chirping - 06/24/10 05:34 PM

What does it mean when budgies chirp, sing etc while sleeping? Both of my budgies do it even moreso lately than before, and the male budgie does it a lot more often than the girl. It looks cute and all, but I wonder what that means, are they happy, content, or does something in their environment bother them?
Posted By: illusive Fantasy

Re: Sleeping and chirping - 06/24/10 07:51 PM

Nah they are fine they are sort of just light napping and this happens a lot as its relaxing to no worries.
Posted By: peepers14

Re: Sleeping and chirping - 06/24/10 10:33 PM

It happens to mine too. there relaxed and content. they will usually do this during the middle of the day.
Posted By: Jessica Cole

Re: Sleeping and chirping - 06/25/10 06:58 AM

Jazz does this all the time! It's like he's talking in his sleep! It's so funny! The others do it as well! XD But when Riley sees me coming, he perks his head up as if he's trying to hide the fact that he was chittering in his sleep! So cute!
Posted By: Aida

Re: Sleeping and chirping - 06/25/10 03:41 PM

Lol, thanks guys, better ask than be sorry I guess. Jessica, Peppy does that too, he stops chirping and looks up at me, than tucks his head back again but keeps looking at me.
Posted By: ZorkZork69

Re: Sleeping and chirping - 06/26/10 04:08 AM

Chi Chi gets all fluffed up while sitting on her highest perch and clucks and softly chirps, but her head isn't behind her when it happens. It's really cute though.
Posted By: Kymber

Re: Sleeping and chirping - 06/26/10 08:54 PM

Buddy used to do the exact same thing as Aida described her Peppy as doing. (sigh)
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