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HELP ASAP... KEET CATASROPHE - 04/13/10 06:27 PM

Ok, so one of my keets got out today while I was cleaning the cage, & wings ARE NOT clipped, nor are my keets hand trained... SO when Cleo got out I tried to get a towel & get him as fast as I could.. But he was frantically flying around.. I managed to grab hold of s/he, but I got bit HARD & tried to keep my grip w/o being too tight, so Cleo got away but somehow in the midst of all this ALL of Cleo's tail feathers came out... NO BLOOD on any of the feathers, & No broken blood feathers, But Cleos next frantic fly lead s/he head first into the glass door.. When I finally got Cleo (by just throwing a towel over him/her & gently scooping Cleo up & releasing back to the cage, I noticed Cleo's cere had literally peeled off, and left a small spot of blood with some clear oozing.. Also Cleo just started another molt & because Cleo is mostly whit it is easy to see the blood feathers, I see a dot of blood on his head. Main concern is the head first into window.. Sore cere, and NO tail feathers, (Cleo looks VERY VERY SHORT) I am observing, and Cleo is just sitting on a Perch with eyes closed.. Any suggestions? What about the tailfeathers, and cere... I am so upset & vet is closed til tomorrow.
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Re: HELP ASAP... KEET CATASROPHE - 04/13/10 06:35 PM

& Now sleeping with head tucked... OMG, I have a bad feeling about this. frown frown frown
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Re: HELP ASAP... KEET CATASROPHE - 04/13/10 07:35 PM

LOL dont mean to laugh but you are not the first to have something like this happen and most do panic...which of course is the last thing we should do..

Seeing how they or one is in moult i suspect thats why it now has a stump butt giggle they do look funny with a stumpy blood feathers broke so that excellent...the head first into glass door is scary as sometimes they can get a concussion..they dont usually break their necks that way but concussions are a very real probablity..the cere could of been from the toweling actually as opposed to the rest of the adventure Cleo took. Id advise STRONGLY hand training as having to towel with no other option in itself can be very traumatic.

Good thing in all this issss. I believe Cleo is probably very embarrassed with herself..tail feathers will grow in when its time long as there is no flowing blood everything sounds ok..the tear to the cere is maybe or maybe not to be concerned over as i cant see how bad it might just call a vet and try to describe it without getting scared and be specific as to how bad it may be.

Birds manage to bang themselves most of the time an amazingly are dont panic ..and when you try to get them when they escape dont do it right away ...let them fly and settle down an stay somewhere for several minutes then try to get a long dowel perch to gather them up instead of a towel...once they get tired and i dont mean from being chased they will welcome the perch and you can walk slow toward the cage...

I think all will be well...she has head under wing that shows no neck injury and actually i think she pooped herself out..and is just resting it off to see in the days/hours ahead if she otherwise acts normal eating and drinking..but i think your ok.
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Re: HELP ASAP... KEET CATASROPHE - 04/13/10 08:13 PM

What a scare huh? To put it mildly.
Nothing to add to what illusive said except for maybe the next time one gets loose, rather than chasing-like illusive already said not to do- I think if you wait it out they USUALLY will eventually return to cage on their own. That is their safe haven and ..they know where the food is. smile
You should close curtains etc tho huh?

Very best of luck! I hope Cleo is ok and just tired and sore.
Let us know k??
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Re: HELP ASAP... KEET CATASROPHE - 04/13/10 09:15 PM

Well with my 2 cats roaming, that alone wanted me to get Cleo back into the cage... She has been sleeping with head tucked since she returned to the cage, and when I look in, s/he lifts its head & yawns.. I'm thinking concussion.. & quite frankly nothing I can do til tomorrow.. The cere is more of like a peel of the skin, in the center between the nares, you can actually see the small piece which "peeled" It is still there, The best way to describe was literally a pin dot of blood, but where the peel of skin is it just looks shiny.. at first I thought it was oozing clear but I realized it's like raw skin, shiny.. Oh lordy.. I just hope Cleo is ok, No food or water since, just sleeping on a perch with head tucked, but balance is good, and if I go near cage s/he moves around good. So, Im just hoping this "head injury' is nothing, and she rests it off.. I can't believe this happened. I feel so bad. She is so short now too, but they are both constantly moulting (or so it seems) & those feathers came out without my even noticing til after all was said & done. I was like.. "huh... Cleo flew into the glass & shrunk" OY VEYYYY!!!!!!!!!
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Re: HELP ASAP... KEET CATASROPHE - 04/13/10 09:36 PM

There have been a couple others here who got their tails accidently pulled too. And they came out ok smile Stubby butts for a bit..but fine.
More concerned over head injury tho. So far so good tho!
Keep us posted still pleeease?? lol

Had to laugh at "flew into the glass and shrunk" Oy!!!
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Re: HELP ASAP... KEET CATASROPHE - 04/13/10 09:39 PM

Lmao...just keep your sense of humor with this i said i think it will be fine..she is shaking the cobwebs an now is like ..can someone tell me what the heck just happened lol..

Moults do last awhile ..they replace every feather they have and with my experience here with Cappy his tail and long flight feathers are the last onces being he is almost done and he has been in moult at least a month..feathers eveeeerrrrywhere. And yup shrunk is a understatement..but it doesnt hinder their ability to fly so remain vigilant.

Again, i think Cleo is just fine and plotting her next escape already ...wont hurt tho to call the vet just to see what they think.
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Re: HELP ASAP... KEET CATASROPHE - 04/14/10 04:32 AM

Everything that's been said about covers it I think. The only thing I could add is that sometimes when a budgie is scared, traumatized, etc, they will shed their tail feathers! Either way, since he is molting, they will grow back!

What a day, huh? I know it's not funny but I think we've all been there done that! He probably bonked himself silly, even if he didn't get a concussion. As for the cere, it will heal too. But I'd just call the vet just to make sure there's nothing more you should be doing. Good luck ! Be sure and send us an update! Poor Cleo, poor you! LOL
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Re: HELP ASAP... KEET CATASROPHE - 04/14/10 11:32 AM

WELL... After a long nights rest, CLEO IS DOING GREAT.... All morning routine back to normal, eating, chirping, going from perch to perch, nipping at Piper to get of out her way while she eats... Cere looks better, but still sore... She is just a very short keet right now!!!! Thanks everyone.. will keep you all updated. But so far so good. All seems well.. (knock on wood)
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Re: HELP ASAP... KEET CATASROPHE - 04/14/10 12:11 PM

Phew...soo glad that Cleo seems to be doing well this morning, and is back to her old Cleo self.
She'll get her beautiful tail back all in good time smile
Knocking on wood here too.
And thanks for the update. It's the first thing I checked for this morn.
You might want to call vet to see if there's something you should be doing for her cere just to be on the safe side. I'm a little curious myself to find out what to do for an injured cere.
Anyway, breathing a sigh of relief here.

Feel better soon Cleo, and stop scarin your Mama like that!
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Re: HELP ASAP... KEET CATASROPHE - 04/14/10 02:09 PM

LOL.... I was so nervous, Vet said cere will heal on its on because its more like she skimmed it then actually "broke" anything.. & then this morning, I went out in my yard to fill my bird feeders & 2 outdoor cats (which are regualrs in my area) were fighting.. So I go to break it up, Picture this.. Me.. right outta bed, PJ's & robe & flip flops,,, hop over wooden picket fence, robe gets caught.. point of picket fence slammed into my right butt cheek, and the rest of me hanging in the yard of my neighbors house (house behind mine) where the cats were viciously attacking 1 another.. OMG.. So, they run of ripping fur out & making these horrid noises.. into a crawl space below a house & I'm still trying to limp my way under the crawl space which is small, dark, and dirty, & lost sight of the cats, I'm a bruised bloddy mess, my knees, butt, hands, etc.. & I had no choice but to go back inside my house & wait.. only 1 cat came out, I'm afraid to check the crawlspace & see what happened to the other, But I am making my husband come home & do it... Only me... I would jump in front of a mac truck for an animal.. I wouldn't have it any other way.. However my butt disagrees with me on that.. So does my knees, hands, ankle & lower back.
Oy Vey... First Cleo gets shorter flying into the window, and next I'm face down into the dirt chasing fighting cats while my butt hangs off the fence... Yep.. Welcome to my world. I'm the dork who goes to the extreme for animals.
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Re: HELP ASAP... KEET CATASROPHE - 04/14/10 02:55 PM

ROFL!!!! Sorry Tina but you painted a VERY funny picture! Too bad ya didn't get it on film. Definitely America's Funniest Videos material. hahaha What a way to start your day.
And hey, I'd be the dork right beside ya going to extremes for animals!
Let's hear it for dorks! LOL

Glad you talked to vet. I bet that eases your mind huh?
Posted By: MgateTina

Re: HELP ASAP... KEET CATASROPHE - 04/14/10 04:47 PM

Yes, it was funny to watch & funny after the fact, nut I'm still worried bcs I have not seen the other cat... I will have to wait & see...

Back to Cleo... I'm worried again... It's not an often thing for Cleo to sleep with head tucked back.. Yes I've seen Cleo do this once in a while but NEVER like this. S/he is back to Sleeping for the last couple hours with her head tucked back & on a normal day when it's time for a nap, she usually perches on the favorite swing with one foot tucked & naps, this is definitely out of her character. WHen I called the vets just now, they told me to just keep an eye on her, it may take a few days for her "soreness" to subside & that bringing her in wouldn't matter... WTF is that.. Yes this morning she seemed back to her norm, but now it's not the norm, Cleo NEVER sleeps this much during the day with head tucked back especially... Again, I can count on 1 hand how many times I've seen Cleo do that in the year I've had her.. I am worried that this is a bad sign & she could just be suffering, and wind up dying any second.. I hate to sound morbid, but thats obviously my worst fear here... & The vets said nothing they can do.. REALLY??? I love my vet otherwise, they saved my cats life, and they have always been so amazing, but I am not happy with that answer from them.. Is this true.. nothing they can do really do for a keet concussion, or head injury? I am very worried now that Cleo is just gonna die, and I did nothing to help her.. Plus, attempting to get her out of cage to administer any aid, will only stress her out more, and possible cause more harm to any injury.. It's definitely head.. & this definitely is unlike her to have head tucked sleeping all this time.
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Re: HELP ASAP... KEET CATASROPHE - 04/14/10 04:59 PM

She just suffered a trauma. She is sore and resting to recuperate. If you have ever been in a car accident than you know how sore even a small crash can make you. Yes there is the possibility that the injury could be serious, but since she made it thru the night I would say you can at least stop staying in a state of panic. Keep an eye on her. It sounds like she is perching just fine. Is she eating and is her poo normal?
Posted By: illusive Fantasy

Re: HELP ASAP... KEET CATASROPHE - 04/14/10 05:49 PM

i understand your anxiety but consider if you will when a human may have a concusion and the procedures they would do ..cant exactly do any of those for a even attempt it im sure would be not a good outcome. We are all pulling for both of you and try to remain calm as birds are sensitive to our moods and can easily pick up on them..when we stress ..which is very hard not too under these circumstances they feel something is also not right just as you do with her and then that translates back to them..also yes, i agree with you i wouldnt do anything at this point to stress her further..ive watched Cappy when i first got him and he took his maiden flights bang into a few things ..often...does that mean all is ok what im trying to say it doesnt have to be bad either..time will tell...and all of us can only hope and pray for you and the bird...but i can understand the vets too when they said the usually procedures to check for a problem of this nature just simply would not be advisable for a bird.
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Re: HELP ASAP... KEET CATASROPHE - 04/17/10 02:13 PM

Hi Tina,
Just checking in to see how Cleo is doing??
Posted By: MgateTina

Re: HELP ASAP... KEET CATASROPHE - 04/17/10 02:24 PM

UPDATE: Well it was a scary few days... I tried to take Cleo to vet the other day, but she was getting very very stressed out by attempt to get her, so to me & the vet (via phone) that was a VERY good sign, All in all Cleo took a few days to bounce back to be 100% & she is now great... Like nothing ever happened.. For days she slept with her tucked, always high on a perch, ate little food, and water, and did little preening, the vet said all good signs of no neck injury, but probably sleeping off the soreness of the head injury... But thankfully, Cleo is back to herself... 100% budgie behavior!! Thank you all soooo much for your help, input, and concern!
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Re: HELP ASAP... KEET CATASROPHE - 04/17/10 02:33 PM

Hey you! It's sooo good to hear she's better. I can only imagine how worried you have been the past few days with her sleeping all tucked up and not eating much etc. Poor baby..poor you! lol
Anyway, glad she's on the mend and back to her old Cleo self smile
Has Piper been good to her?? Or maybe just avoiding the cranky pants?
Posted By: illusive Fantasy

Re: HELP ASAP... KEET CATASROPHE - 04/17/10 02:45 PM

It always great to hear a good ending to a scary stressfull situation...
Posted By: cyberbud

Re: HELP ASAP... KEET CATASROPHE - 04/17/10 08:12 PM

I'm so glad to hear she's better...but that was a long 4 days for you!

Posted By: MgateTina

Re: HELP ASAP... KEET CATASROPHE - 04/19/10 11:36 AM

Definitely a long few days, Every night I would get up at least 6 times & check in on the cage.. I kept thinking "oh dear god, dont let this be the "time" I find her" So, yes it was stressful, but she definitely was hurt, & very much in shock..

KK.. Piper was just leaving her be.. He would sit on the next perch over & just sing to her softly.. smile so cute. But it made me worry more bcs I could Piper was kinda worried!!
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