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The surprise worked!

Posted By: gmn

The surprise worked! - 12/17/05 06:43 PM

So I got my daughter her parakeet today and she's thrilled (as am I!)! It was a surprise birthday present, the day after her birthday (she's 7), and I'm proud of myself for being able to keep it a secret, because I've been so excited about getting the bird.

Lemony Snicket is (I think) a male yellow recessive pied (??? at least that's the picture that looks most like him). He's pretty shocked right now at the whole transport experience, and the new home without all the other birds. He's pretty much just sitting on the floor of the cage; we've had him home for about an hour. This is normal, right?

I'm so looking forward to trying to make Lemony's life here the best it can be!

Thanks for all the help, and there will be more questions, I'm sure.
Posted By: climbtreez

Re: The surprise worked! - 12/17/05 06:45 PM

cool, get pictures soon. Birds are wonderful pets and Im sure you dauter loves it.
Posted By: Rick & Gebo

Re: The surprise worked! - 12/17/05 07:05 PM

Sitting on the floor of the cage is not normal if it lasts for more than a few hours after introducing the bird to the new cage.

It should get up to the middle or the top of the cage relatively quickly. If it stays down there for more than 24 hours, it may be sick.
Posted By: gmn

Re: The surprise worked! - 12/17/05 10:53 PM

Hi Rick -

It was at the top of the cage at the store when I chose it. Do you think that makes a difference, or no?
Posted By: gmn

Re: The surprise worked! - 12/17/05 11:03 PM

Okay, so now I'm worried. I'll keep a close eye into tomorrow. If I do need to switch this bird for a different one (15 day guarantee at Petco), would I need to sterilize the cage or anything? Or ???

Thanks -

Posted By: Jloc

Re: The surprise worked! - 12/17/05 11:15 PM

CAn you get us any pics? Is the bird still at the bottom? Maybe the bird is very scared and cold. I would cover the cage about half way so just the front in open and give the bird some heat. They need to stay pretty warm and it could have chilled the bird by transporting it. I hope your bird is ok, if it doesn't get up and feel better soon I would take it in, hopefully it is just very frightened and nothing more but I have never heard of a bird sitting at the bottom right after bringing it home. Please keep us posted and cover the cage and just leave the front open and warm the bird up with a lamp or near some heat. I hope the bird is ok. If you get a new one and have to take that one back to them I would definately sterlize your cage, use some hot soapy water to clean it well. Just make sure you rinse it really well so no soap or smell is left on it. Honestly I hope that the bird is ok, maybe move some food and water to the bottom so the bird can get at it and make sure it is warm, keets need to be warm and sick or stressed birds need it even warmer. And again half cover the cage that will help to relax the bird. And keep us posted as much as possible. Jloc
Posted By: gmn

Re: The surprise worked! - 12/18/05 01:22 AM

Thanks for the tips, Jloc. I've put a doubled-over sheet over all but the front, and am looking for a heat lamp for him. It is a little worrisome. I went to put something in the cage, and he clambered up on his ladder, and is currently there. But he just doesn't move much at all, and no sounds. I've had keets before (though it was 20 years ago!) and I don't remember this!

One thing I'm wondering is if clipping the wings makes them unable to get up to their perches. If so, what can I do? (all the birds had clipped wings at the store. But they all looked active and perky, and very young - their stripes were all the way down to their ceres).

Thanks for helping me through this.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: The surprise worked! - 12/18/05 01:32 AM

He sonds like he is just stressed out form the move, new cage, new people, it's alot for a little bird in one day. I would just cover him up and leave him alone for a while. They do have trouble hopping to the perches in the begining but they catch on quick. I do my perches in 3 levels. with clip on food dishes at the middle. Just give him a couple of days to settle in. Let him be where the activity is, but not a part of it. Good luck with him.
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