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Alarming information to share!

Posted By: joandboys

Alarming information to share! - 03/05/10 11:20 PM

Hi, everyone, I want to post this really quick and them come back later. I found out the other day that Sweetie and Cookie will have to be in quaranteen for 9 more months. They have their own room upstairs with bright light and music and a hepa filter and each other and I go up and spend time with them.

We thought they would be able to be around my husband now that he is 100 days post transplant but it is not so easy. The Doctor in charge agreed if we had fecal smeers and tests and a checkup (their 3rd in 4 years with a clean bill of health) They would be ok. My avian vet informs me that she has had birds come down with psytacosis in birds 18 years old that had not been exposed. She said it lingers like herpes in humans. She said she recommends two separate tests even when one test shows negative results. The second test would mean blood drawn from their necks. I couldn't put them throug that after I heard about a bird dying from that proceedure on here. Cookie would never recover from the fright. Sweetie might never be the same again from the trauma. So take warning, my vet is one of the best. Even with a clean test they can get it. They could then have climydia which leads to psyticosis and that could expose my husband to pneumonia. We can't take the chance so I will be hiring bird sitters if we want to travel this spring and summer or fall. That is going to be very hard. My husband misses the pets and is encourageing me to have them tested. I would never forgive myself if they bled to death or were traumatized and changed or would not trust me again. I absolutely am refusing to do it.
Posted By: kksuns

Re: Alarming information to share! - 03/06/10 02:30 AM

Jo, I don't blame you for not wanting to get those tests done. For what it's worth I think you're doing the right thing. Hubby would miss them even more if something were to happen to them due to the tests. And I'm sure he would never forgive himself if something DID happen.
In the big scheme of things nine months isn't so bad.
He'll just have to stick it out..and maybe you can get videos of them for him?? He's obviously a tough guy having conquered all he has been thru. 9 more months without seeing Cookie & Sweetie should practically be a piece of cake for him!
You guys hang in there. It will all work out. Another HUGE congrats on the 100 day post transplant!!! Can't tell ya how happy I am for yous smile

Posted By: joandboys

Re: Alarming information to share! - 03/07/10 08:40 AM

Thanks for the kind words of congratulations. Unfortunately, yesterday afternoon at 3:30 p.m. Art was acting confused and I had to rush him to the hospital. He suddenly developed some sort of infection and started running a fever by the time we got to the hospital. They have him on antibiotics and have done a cat scan and complete blood work and probably will do a spinal to rule out meningitis and other things. He started doing better and his b.p. and temp came down. His awarness started coming back also. cat scan was good also, so no apparent stroke at this time. He is admitted for now. The hospital he is at is affiliated with and right next door to Roswell Cancer Institute and it seems to be top notch. They think he may have pneumonia but are leaving no stone unturned to check him out.
Posted By: BLR

Re: Alarming information to share! - 03/07/10 02:21 PM

Jo Please know we are all sending good thoughts and cyber hugs. Please keep us updated when you have time.
Posted By: kksuns

Re: Alarming information to share! - 03/07/10 02:22 PM

Sorry to hear the latest development Jo. Please let me know how things go.
Thoughts and prayers are with you and Art. Stay positive!He'll get thru this.
Posted By: illusive Fantasy

Re: Alarming information to share! - 03/07/10 06:59 PM

all good thoughts are with you and yours for a speedy recovery and better days
Posted By: joandboys

Re: Alarming information to share! - 03/11/10 11:21 PM

BLR and KKSuns, Thank you for the kind thoughts. A quick update is that Sunday Art recovered awareness totally and continued to receive antibiotics and tests to discover the cause and nothing definitive came of any of them except that he suffered a recent very small stroke and an older one and is free of any apparent infection. They do not have an answer as to "Why". That may be even scarier and leaves us feeling very vulnerable. He was not severely ill with symptoms other than confused. He came home yesterday and is back at work today. The up side is that we know what he doesn't have and can move forward more informed in his care. He had a good partial remission of the cancer and is going on to take a medicine that may complete the remission as it has been used very successfully. He is feeling good in every other way. He is even getting his hair back.
Posted By: illusive Fantasy

Re: Alarming information to share! - 03/11/10 11:59 PM

he is a very courageous man ...blessings in every way to you both..
Posted By: kksuns

Re: Alarming information to share! - 03/12/10 12:50 AM

Aw Jo, I'm sorry the drs couldn't come up with any concrete answers for yous. I HATE that..rule things out but still don't KNOW. It's soo frustrating, and I agree it's even scarier NOT knowing.
Hoping with all my heart the new meds complete the remission.
Very encouraging that he's feeling good and back at work smile
Bless you both..prayers and positive vibes coming at ya (((((())))
Posted By: BLR

Re: Alarming information to share! - 03/12/10 03:33 AM

Jo, thank you for the update. I am glad most of it is good news. You are in my thoughts and I send positive feelings.
Please know we are all here if you need to talk.
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