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OMG i missed you guys

Posted By: Puds

OMG i missed you guys - 02/20/10 02:48 AM

I have been fine, just getting my life back in order. I started a new gym membership to help with my depression, and its working GREAT. But this is a parakeet forum. I wanted to let everyone know my Puddles is also doing great. She is no longer biting, she is eating veggies and just about loves well i think she loves her life.

Here are a few videos of the Puds playing on morning after i got back from a few hour visit with my sister. Not to mention she was moulting, very badly. Yes in the middle of winter. frown I do not like that,so i am working on putting her to bed at the same time and waking her up at the same time more. Please turn down your volume My puddles is very vocal, and she never stops letting me know that. Then you can adjust it asyou need to, i just donot want anyones vloume up full blastto hear my keets calls and then her yell at me sneezing.

facebook video

Puddles second video

Anyone have any idea how i can post these videos directly here?
Posted By: cyberbud

Re: OMG i missed you guys - 02/20/10 07:23 AM

Welcome back! It's great to hear all is going well with you and Puddles. I love the play gym you have. Where did you find it?
Posted By: Love My Budgies

Re: OMG i missed you guys - 02/20/10 04:26 PM

Glad to hear you & Puddles are doing well!! smile
Posted By: kksuns

Re: OMG i missed you guys - 02/20/10 05:34 PM

Hey Carly Jo, missed you too smile It's soo good to see ya. And Puds is just as cute as ever! Good to hear things are looking up.
Love the vids. If you have a photobucket account and you upload vids there you can post directly from there. Of course that means more UPLOAD time. Yikes..i know it takes FOREVER to upload vids.

As for moulting, both my guys are moulting too. I don't think it matters what time of year it is!
Posted By: Jessica Cole

Re: OMG i missed you guys - 02/20/10 05:56 PM

Puds is so cute! When she was making all that noise, my Jazz was making noises too. He may be in love. Haha! ;D

May I add you on facebook?
Posted By: baby blue

Re: OMG i missed you guys - 02/20/10 09:21 PM

cj!!!!! hi hon!! missed ya! actually i have missed everyone terribly. glad to hear that things with yourself and puds are well!! good for you. smile
Posted By: baby blue

Re: OMG i missed you guys - 02/21/10 09:20 PM

just watched the vids... puddles is a real sweetie!!!!
super glad that veggies are now on the menu!!!
Posted By: BLR

Re: OMG i missed you guys - 02/22/10 05:41 AM

Welcome back, glad to hear things are getting better. The vids are sweet. Thank you for sharing.
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