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Poll: Tame or not??

Posted By: Cristina

Poll: Tame or not?? - 12/14/05 03:44 AM

Okay guys this is my first poll (so bare with me). Just curious to know if you guys are bonded with your keets and how long it took to train them.

Hope you enjoy it!!
Posted By: horsewise

Re: Poll: Tame or not?? - 12/14/05 03:51 AM

i said ricky was bonded to me.hehe.. hell probably get tamer and more trusting still but right now hes as far along as i wanted him to be and he loves me so thats good enough! laugh
Posted By: Cristina

Re: Poll: Tame or not?? - 12/14/05 03:52 AM

I got three bouncing budgies. And only one (Cuchito) is really bonded to me. It took me like a week to tame him.

I got Chevy about 3 weeks or so and it's been hard taming him since he's too distracted with his 2 friends. I also wish I had more time with Chevy. When I got Cuchito I was just going to school so it was easy to tame him. But now working two jobs and school it's really hard.
Posted By: Rick & Gebo

Re: Poll: Tame or not?? - 12/14/05 04:15 AM

Gebo finger trained real fast, but I still can't get him to fly to me or sit on my shoulder.

I expect it will probably take an entire year to get him to where I want him to be.

We shall see.
Posted By: Jloc

Re: Poll: Tame or not?? - 12/14/05 05:02 AM

Well I have one bird Frodo, but I also care for my moms bird Sparky a lot. Frodo I have had for a while and she still own't get on my hand really, but she trusts me and loves me. Sparky is my moms bird and was trained very fast, although it took me quite a bit longer for her to bond with me once I came around, probably because she was already bonded with my mom, dad and brother before I started coming around the house again.

Wow question 5 is one of the hardest questions I have had to answer, I honestly can't believe that it is 9 to 0 on that question, I would probably make it a tie if I could, I would love to have an entire room just for keets, just make like a 10x10feet room into a giant jungle gym for birds, when I have a huge house I will, I think it would be so fun. And I would care less if they were very bonded with me, I would just take a chair in there and bring some millet with me and just turn in some crazy bird guy with a bunch of keets all over me, lol. Great fun.

Well great poll Cristina, I enjoyed this one. Jloc
Posted By: J-Bo

Re: Poll: Tame or not?? - 12/14/05 05:09 AM

Sorry but I disagree with the last question. You can easily have more than one bonded to you.

To me that's like asking would you rather have one kid bonded to you or just several and just watch them.
Posted By: Cristina

Re: Poll: Tame or not?? - 12/14/05 05:11 AM

LOL Jloc! Question 5 was even a hard question for me. I started out with one budgie now I got 3 and planning on getting a 4th budgie. By the end of next year I'll have 50 budgies wink . I know I'm having a baby but I just gotta get one more budgie to even out the field. I could already see hundreds of budgies surrounding you Jloc, lol. Sounds like a blast! smile
Posted By: Cristina

Re: Poll: Tame or not?? - 12/14/05 05:17 AM

J-bo, it's just a question of which. I know it's very possible to have more than one budgie bonded to you. cool
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Poll: Tame or not?? - 12/14/05 01:17 PM

My 6 (8) are bonded to me, they are just not trained. I feed, bathe, and interact with them all the time. They will come to the sides of the cage to "talk" to me. They just don't want to come
out of the cage. They know they are safe in there. Each one knows their name and responds when I call it. Training in my situation would create a safety hazard for my birds and they would become too relaxed in their actions. I think some things should be left the way God/nature made them.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Poll: Tame or not?? - 12/14/05 01:19 PM

One other thingy. I don't believe they ever become "tame" they can be trained, but that is not the same thing. Many people have been killed by "tame" wild animals.
Posted By: snow hen

Re: Poll: Tame or not?? - 12/14/05 10:31 PM

This new bird Buddy still will not stay on my finger if Snowhen is anywhere near. I don't it even possible to tame one w/ more keets around??
Posted By: J-Bo

Re: Poll: Tame or not?? - 12/15/05 12:01 AM

Tame or trained?

As we're only discussing small birds here, I doubt it's relevant.

As these birds are no doubt many generations hand raised I'd be inclined to say tamed.
Posted By: La Sierra Madre

Re: Poll: Tame or not?? - 12/15/05 01:59 AM

Jloc, I can just imagine you with loads of poop and millet crumbs all over smile
Sierra is tame kind of like Gebo. She'll sit on my finger and preen and chirp but she won't sit on my shoulder and is too new at flying freely to fly to me.
Gebo might be where you want him to be in 6 months, Rick. It depends on Gebo smile
Posted By: paula k

Re: Poll: Tame or not?? - 12/15/05 02:21 AM

My bird is not trained but responds to me when I go by the cage to feed or clean. She gets all goofy when she sees me. I tried for a long time to train her but didn't make any progress. I think I'll keep our relationship the way it is for a while.
Posted By: skippy_and_pippy

Re: Poll: Tame or not?? - 12/15/05 03:45 AM

WOW, Animom! The birds respond to their names?? DO they acutally chirp when you say their names? That's awesome.

like little feathered doggies
Posted By: Cristina

Re: Poll: Tame or not?? - 12/15/05 03:50 AM

Oh animom! Lol now you scared me!! My keets may actually kill me? eek No but really I know most wild animals can't be completely tame, such as tigers, elephants, bears and so on. (just look at what happened to Roy). You can take the animal out of the wild but not the wild out of the animal. (that's the saying, right?) smile
Posted By: Blaze

Re: Poll: Tame or not?? - 12/15/05 04:09 AM

Kazu is getting there... one time last week he got out of his cage... again... and I called to him... "Kazu, step up" he came running or what ever you want ot call it... and hopped onto my finger and started climbing my arm... he got half way up and just sat there looking at me... he chirped a very pretty sound and then closed his eyes... I started to talk to him and call him a pretty boy... he chirped again... then he found out he was going back to the cage and flew or tried to ly off my arm... he didn't get very far... I called him again and this time he went into the cage no problem and now when I talk to him he chirps and sometimes hops a bit... he is getting very used to his cage... and he finally uses his cuttlebone... and I aggree with a few others... i would rather want more than one keet bonded with me and some keets too... that would be nice...
Posted By: Jazziered

Re: Poll: Tame or not?? - 12/15/05 07:07 AM

I don't think mine will ever bond to me.. After I sucked Griff up in the hose of the vacuume.. I don't think they will ever trust me.... It was an accident... But still, I totally understand how they feel.. They are traumatized for life..
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Poll: Tame or not?? - 12/15/05 10:12 PM

Yes Skippy, I have this whole performance I do everynight which involves singing a song with all their names. I do it from the 1st day they are with me. After awhile they realize I am singing to them (each one). Rosey and I have this thing where I call her name and she will squeel and I try to imitate her and then she will do it again.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Poll: Tame or not?? - 12/15/05 10:18 PM

Christina, it was not meant to imply we are physically at risk from our budgies (though a good bite can hurt) my point was they remain Birds and do not become these little human clones. Which I think many expect. They do what they feel like doing depending on the payoff.
Posted By: La Sierra Madre

Re: Poll: Tame or not?? - 12/15/05 11:31 PM

Jazziered, you sucked your keet up the vaccuum cleaner ? Did you take him to the vet?
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