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Long awaited return

Posted By: Puds

Long awaited return - 12/22/09 11:46 PM

First i am sorry that i up and vanished. I was not feeling my best and was placed into the hospital. It took me a few months to get my medicine and daily life back to normal....but now i am back (and i feel blessed that i got messages wishing all is well with me).

My parakeet, who many new comers do not know, is named Puddles. when i left i was slightly confused as the gender, but know i now.....i have a GIRL!!! A moody, loud, bossy (and great) female. She is about 10months old. Just a update, she can eat her weight in veggies (all kinds). Prefers them over pellets (which i gave up on, she was not eating a decent amount) and seed! Sadly, i am failing her in teaching the whole "no bite" thing, but she does not do it alot, or constantly. most of what i thought her biting was was her trying to get moved from one place to another (testing grounds). Her cere is still white, so i hope when she goes into breeding mode(if ever) she does not nip more.

She loves to sound with me(i am shocked) somewhere she picked up a raspberry sound (maybe the nephews) and we can do it back and fourth all day....its kind of fun!!! She makes clicks and cute little laughs but no words. Every time i say "puds do you have a story for me?" she does a happy Fweeep and goes on and on! I love how she responds to me, its so fun! I can call her and she actually comes when i pat my hand, its so....puppy like!

She plays and chirps and is so fun! She really helped me get better, and i am thankful. Spending a entire day with my bird has really bonded us. When i couldent get out of bed i would move her cage close and talk/make noise... feed her treats and veggies through the bars. When i had the energy to get out of bed she was all over me and playing. I think i like it best when she falls asleep on me though.

If you have time, yes parakeets can be your "pet dog" and show the same amount of love back!

Posted By: peepers14

Re: Long awaited return - 12/23/09 12:12 AM

I missed you !!! i remember you telling us all your fun times with Puddles. And yes, i do agree with you about parakeets having the same amount of affection as dogs do. When they preen your hair or just snuggle with you, it's them saying i love you in a special way. Thats why i chose a budgie over a puppy.
Posted By: kksuns

Re: Long awaited return - 12/23/09 12:53 AM

It's SO good to see you back! Glad you're feeling better.
Sounds like you and Puddles are best buds. That's cool smile I think it is so darn sweet that she will fall asleep with you. awww
I wish my guys would snuggle and take a nap with me.
I totally agree that these lil guys/gals can be just as affectionate and are as smart as dogs if you take the time to just talk to them and love them. Until I got Levi I had NO idea how much they really CAN understand, and how much company they are..and how entertaining and funny...and.. They are amazing!
Posted By: Love My Budgies

Re: Long awaited return - 12/23/09 02:09 PM

Glad to "see" you and hear that you are feeling better! I wondered what had happened and if you were alright.
So happy to hear you & Puddles are having fun and giving each other love. grin
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