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HELP- Rice moth infestation

Posted By: Fernandez&Lopez

HELP- Rice moth infestation - 11/23/09 05:35 PM

ok please help

end of this summer you could see about 10 rice moths around the house

a week later there were about 25

a week later the number stayed stagnant, we tried killing some but they came back in same numbers

a week later when i was scooping food for the parakeets i found a ton of larvae and moth eggs in their food so i threw that [censored] away and cleaned the cage througohly.

now there are more than ever, 60 - 70 in the house and the parakeets food seems clean

they eat a mixed seed/pellet diet but im thinking of converting them to pellet only so the damn rice moths go away

help, anyone have problems like this?
Posted By: kksuns

Re: HELP- Rice moth infestation - 11/23/09 06:39 PM

I'm not sure what you mean by rice moths, but I had a moth problem form some bunny pellets a couple years ago. OMG once you get them it's almost impossible to get rid of them! Someone told me to clean out all cupboards and wash everything down inside and out.
They don't just lay eggs in your bird seed, I think they lay eggs everywhere and get in to most any dry foods. Thorough washing and getting rid of some dry foods helped quite a bit, but I swear even now I see a few of those damned little moths flying around.
I had found the larvae in the bunny pellets..after that I was sure to put them in the freezer for a day or 2 to kill any larvae that just MIGHT be in them.
I don't think you are finding more moths because of the NEW keet seed, I think they have laid eggs everywhere and new moths are just poppin up all over.
Good luck! It's a major pain in the butt. I washed all walls down too.
Where do you keep your bird seed? And is it in an airtight container? I wouldn't switch them to all pellet..I think they need seed in their diet. Besides-pellets can get them too! ICK!
I think I remember someone else here having a moth problem some time back. Can't remember who tho
Posted By: Luvanimalsdearly

Re: HELP- Rice moth infestation - 11/23/09 10:16 PM

Put the paakeet food in the freezer this will help with the moth problem.
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