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Celebrating a birthday!

Posted By: Love My Budgies

Celebrating a birthday! - 11/13/09 05:53 PM

I can't believe it was one year ago today that I picked out my little Juji bear. She made eye contact and played peek-a-boo with me in the pet store.
Gosh, we were such nervous parronts (parrot parents). We hovered, we worried, we read anything and everything about Budgies.
Boy did time fly. Today we are celebrating Juji's birthday (not her actual hatch day, but the day that we brought her home) by giving her presents = a new boing, swing, happy perch, toys, and a coconut almond treat bar and sprigs of millet that are normally only used for training and special times. I'm also giving her special alone time with me, since the arrival of Bella she hasn't been able to sit on my shoulder for 3-5 hours everyday, but today I will make an effort to give her all the time with me she wants.
This morning when we woke up my husband and I talked about our favorite things she has done and how silly she is. How funny she is when she zooms by your head extremely fast and tries to slap you with her wing, how if I have her out and the phone rings and I answer it, she will fly to me and attack the phone and bite my fingers until I pay attention to her, how if she isn't covered by 7 at night, she will squawk until it hurts your ears, always letting us know we passed her proper bedtime, how she makes the most bizarre growling noises when playing with her favorite toy, how she makes raspberries at things she doesn't like and we never taught her that, the first time she talked or said I Love You, and how if she doesn't want to step up, she will bear down until I say step up 3 times. crazy
I can't believe how this tiny little bird stole my heart. Never knew I could love a bird so much. She brings such happiness and fun into our lives, and is such a good sister to Bella.
smile Here are a few of my favorite pictures of her along with a pic of her birthday presents/toys...

Posted By: kksuns

Re: Celebrating a birthday! - 11/13/09 06:04 PM

The year certainly flew by didn't it? Can you even IMAGINE not having a keetie puff??
Juj made out like a bandit for her b-day! What a lucky little girl smile
Love love love the pics..that 1st one really melts my heart. What a cute little baby, she still looks a little unsure of things in that pic.
Have a great day Juji & Co!!
Enjoy your special time together smile
Posted By: Paulina

Re: Celebrating a birthday! - 11/13/09 06:50 PM

Happy Birthday Juji!!! laugh Friday the 13th is a sure is a cool birthdate! haha
I love the pictures, the first one is adorable and I love the close up ones too. She is a really cute bird. smile
Posted By: Toukie

Re: Celebrating a birthday! - 11/14/09 02:46 PM

Happy Birthday Juji! God I love her plane. I want one for my Wesker lol. She got spoiled by her mom and dad lol. Lucky birdie!
Posted By: kksuns

Re: Celebrating a birthday! - 11/14/09 06:18 PM

Forgot to mention I love your new sig pic lmb. They look like they are little scholars getting their lesson for the day. LOL
Posted By: BijousMom85

Re: Celebrating a birthday! - 11/15/09 01:25 AM

oh my gosh where did you get that toy that is a bell with all the bells on it?! bijou would looove that!
Posted By: illusive Fantasy

Re: Celebrating a birthday! - 11/15/09 01:41 AM

CONGRATULATIONS to you each made it thru a year and im just starting. Got my lil one on thurs the 12th lol. Wishing u and urs many many more years of joy together.
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