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bit sad =(

Posted By: Ziggy

bit sad =( - 11/10/09 07:39 PM

had too have my grandma stay with ziggy for this week since i need to fly to seattle for a wedding =/ i really hope this wont set much back.. and im sad i look over to my left and hes not there anymore.. = frown
Posted By: baby blue

Re: bit sad =( - 11/10/09 08:00 PM

you will be fine and so wil he. it is not an extended period of time. a wedding is a happy time and you should enjoy it. every "parent" needs some down time. the week will be gone before you know it and remember... absence makes the heart grow fonder. i be he will be thrilled to birdie pieces when you get back!!
it is very hard though to leave your buddy but you will be back before you know it!
Posted By: Lisa Shea

Re: bit sad =( - 11/10/09 08:59 PM

That is really sad Ziggy, I know it is always very hard when we have to leave our pets! Have a fantastic time at the wedding and think of this as a "cool vacation" for Ziggy. Parakeets like to experience new sounds and smells. So your keet gets a neat vacation, you get a neat vacation, and when you get back together you can tell each other all about it!
Posted By: BijousMom85

Re: bit sad =( - 11/12/09 03:27 AM

I know how hard it is to leave your "baby" behind frown The first weekend I was away from him I had my mom watch him and I kept texting her asking what he was doing and how he was:$ It will be fine though, they remember you so he will be happy when youre home:)
Posted By: Toukie

Re: bit sad =( - 11/14/09 02:49 PM

aww don't worry, Ziggy. In the middle of training Wesker, I had to leave him with my brother for 4 days. I thought that all the progess I made would be lost, but honestly, when I came back, he had missed me so that the progress was amazing. Your baby will miss you so when you come back, he'll let you know. And he'll probably be spoiled by Grandma while you're gone wink
Posted By: Paulina

Re: bit sad =( - 11/14/09 05:58 PM

Don't worry about it smile I used to live in the U.S and then I moved to a different country. I few months ago, flew to the U.S and I stayed there for 3 weeks. I was really worried about leaving my grandma with Jade but she took great care of her and I was really happy when I got back. I remember how she told me that Jade didn't act the same when I was gone. After about a week and a half, she didn't hear my voice or anything so she didn't sing all day long because she didn't have who to sing or talk to =P I would usually turn on music and sing/talk to her. When I got back she jumped around, sang and make lots of noise. I think she complained about me leaving her alone for so long but she was really happy when she heard my voice and it was adorable ^^
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