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parakeet shampoo?

Posted By: Ziggy

parakeet shampoo? - 11/09/09 12:21 AM

is there any types of shampoos i can use for ziggy
Posted By: LuvMyPets

Re: parakeet shampoo? - 11/09/09 01:23 AM

I have never seen any, but you never know.
Posted By: Lisa Shea

Re: parakeet shampoo? - 11/09/09 01:35 AM

I would be really cautious about using any soap substance on a parakeet. I was just at the vet with Pinto for her tumor, and we got to talking about cleaning cages. The vet agreed completely with never using soap on a cage, just water with a tiny amount of bleach.

You would never wash your *parakeet* with bleach smile So for parakeets I think warm water should be enough.

What did you want to add shampoo for? Is your keet particularly dirty?
Posted By: Ziggy

Re: parakeet shampoo? - 11/09/09 02:59 AM

juss a tad bit he washed up in water yesterday and i wasnt going to use any soaps on ziggy w/o making sure it was safe.
Posted By: Lisa Shea

Re: parakeet shampoo? - 11/09/09 06:16 AM

I'm not sure I would call soap "not safe" - I don't think it would instantly slay your keet, for example. But I'm not sure it brings any benefit that would outweigh the annoyance for your keet of having it in the eyes or mouth or so on. Regular warm water will wash just as well, for the average keet level of dirt smile
Posted By: tweetymom

Re: parakeet shampoo? - 11/09/09 06:28 AM

I've noticed at Petco, that they have a few different kinds of "bird bath sprays". I don't use them so IDK what the pros and cons would be. also I've never read anything on here about that. Or in any of the research I've done on parakeets.

Ziggy, I'd be careful using things like that. I notice when my birds bathe, that the water's always a little cloudy. Not much though, and since they use their mouth and beaks to preen and clean themselves, It seems to me that those sprays would get into their mouth and into their systems. So that does not sound good IMO.
Posted By: Love My Budgies

Re: parakeet shampoo? - 11/09/09 03:25 PM

Not long ago, after bathing, my (mostly) white Budgie decided to rub against a vegetable dyed wooden perch and her tummy turned orange shocked! The other did something similar - rubbed her wet face on a red vegetable dyed wooden block and when I first saw her I nearly had a heart attack-I thought she was bleeding! It took approximately 3 baths and at least 4 times of me misting the white one for it to fade. I couldn't wait for the orange to be gone-she looked so silly. The other one within a day had stuck her head under water & in her food dish enough times for it to come off.
Anyway, I wouldn't use soap or any of those sprays on a bird. Birds are very clean creatures and will preen and bathe sufficiently if offered cool water, mist, or wet greens. Most shampoos, soaps, and mists have some sort of chemical, dye, scent, or preservative that could be questionable/toxic.

Originally Posted By: Lisa Shea
The vet agreed completely with never using soap on a cage, just water with a tiny amount of bleach.

Yikes! I can't fathom why he would suggest using bleach. Chlorine bleach is a lung irritant and is corrosive to skin and eyes in humans. I know he is probably saying to use a tiny diluted amount, but still I would never want that in my bird's mouth/cage, and I would imagine the fumes alone could harm a bird. Disinfectants such as bleach are considered pesticides! When I was a teenager and worked in a restuarant they were fined for me accidentally using too much bleach in the dish rinse. I used 1 small capful in 20+ gallons of water -and the health dept. said that was too much for humans. I only bring this up because I hope none of the kids who frequent this forum don't read the above, use bleach and accidentally kill their bird(s). cry
There are soaps that are chemical, preservative, scent, and dye-free that are derived from corn or coconut and are bird safe. This is what I use on my cages and all my bird toys. I would never not wash them with (bird-safe) soap.
As for disinfecting, distilled white vinegar is safe and non-toxic. Rids approx. 99% of all bacteria. I have read others on this forum use apple cider vinegar, which supposedly does the same. I have read that a 1/2 hour soak of 50% white vinegar with 50% hydrogen peroxide (which is an oxygen bleach and completely different from chlorine bleach) followed by a thorough rinse does the job for thoroughly disinfecting bird cages and should be done every 2 weeks.
Posted By: Jessica Cole

Re: parakeet shampoo? - 11/09/09 04:41 PM

For Jazz, I usually introduce the bathroom sink to him with a little bit of warm water, but sometimes he refuses and choose the actual bathtub. Warm water is the best. Make sure your parakeet is in a warm place after they have bathed. Jazz usually preens for an hour after his bath. :] Hope this helps!
Posted By: kksuns

Re: parakeet shampoo? - 11/09/09 06:36 PM

I agree with the above posters- just plain old water is sufficient smile
I also agree with Love My Budgies about not using bleach for cage cleaning. ACV/water does just fine and is safe, for cage and toy cleaning/disinfecting.
I have read about using bleach and rinsing extremely well, but I wouldn't chance it.

Does Ziggy like to take bathes?
Posted By: Ziggy

Re: parakeet shampoo? - 11/09/09 09:28 PM

LoL i dont think so.

he finally came out w/out flying all around the room like a crazy bird lol and i was able to pet him =D really happy last 2 days he got really good and but still doesnt eat pellets and hes perch trained =) but wont hop onto my finger yet everything else is good.

whats the best way the clean the bottom of his cage?

also he can eat w/out raisin his head every few secs if im the only one in the room
Posted By: kksuns

Re: parakeet shampoo? - 11/09/09 10:39 PM

Cool! Sounds like you and Zig are making great progress.Perch trained, petting and eating with you right there... Way to go you 2!

Cleaning cage bottom? the grate removable?
At any rate a stiff brush or plastic scrungie thingy to get poops off and wipe down with apple cider vinegar and water. If removable you can clean it in the tub

And even if he doesn't like bathes yet, still offer it..maybe he'll decide to take a dip. I use a plastic sandwich container,tried numerous tubs and dishes before Levi decided he like the sandwich thing. WITH a piece of lettuce LOL
Ziggy hasn't attempted a tub bath yet..but he does like a nice wet piece of lettuce clipped to the side of the cage and bathes that way smile
Posted By: Ziggy

Re: parakeet shampoo? - 11/09/09 11:10 PM

lol yeah were doing much better the gate part doesnt really come out the removable part is where the bounty is but he often poops on the gate and it doesnt reach the bounty =P.
he doesnt relly like to stand on the new cement perch i got him too trim his nails
Posted By: Cetan

Re: parakeet shampoo? - 11/14/09 12:22 AM

There is also a bird safe enzyme cleaner called Poop-off, it comes in both a spray (spray it on a paper towel) or wipes and it works really well for that last little bit of whote residue on the grate - I only use it once n a while. It is also great for getting poop off the couch (my conure loves to poop there and they are bigger and wetter than keet poop)
Posted By: tweetymom

Re: parakeet shampoo? - 11/14/09 07:58 AM

Hi Ziggy. I've read on here that the sand perches make their feet sore! I have one in their cage but they don't use it very often. I see them scuffing their beaks on it or I would have taken it out already. What do you think?

I use one of those green scrubbers, cut into little squares to get the poop off sometimes.

the reason I have to cut it into LITTLE squares is because my birds are scared of it if it's very big! I know that's funny but I don't want them to be scared. I don't know what the think I'm going to do to them with it!! LOL
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