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Posted By: ravenstar23

new owner - 11/07/09 10:45 PM

hi im a new owner of a rare parakeet and i dont know anything about them someone please give me advice?
Posted By: BLR

Re: new owner - 11/07/09 11:01 PM

Welcome to the forum. What kind of "rare" parakeet do you have. There are a lot of parakeets other than budgies. We would have to know what particular kind you have. How does it look different from other parakeets you see in the pet stores or on parakeet websites?

We would love to see a picture.
Posted By: Lisa Shea

Re: new owner - 11/08/09 01:18 AM

Yes definitely post a photo and tell us more about your keet, what color is it? Where did you get it?
Posted By: Gustafson

Re: new owner - 11/08/09 01:37 AM

Do you have all the things your fluffy friend needs? Like a cage, cuttle bone, water, food and a few toys? That would be a great start.
Posted By: LuvMyPets

Re: new owner - 11/09/09 02:37 AM

Is it a parakeet with a rare color? Or a different type of parakeet that's rare? Pictures would be awesome.
Posted By: baby blue

Re: new owner - 11/09/09 04:10 AM

a little more info would certainly be a big help. perhaps if you tell us all the things you have, it will be mush easier to answer any questions you may have. welcome smile
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