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bobbing head?

Posted By: rtegge

bobbing head? - 11/07/09 07:27 PM

hello! whenever mystique is playing she bobs her head up and down. does anyone elses parakeet do this and does it mean they are having fun?!
Posted By: pino

Re: bobbing head? - 11/07/09 07:34 PM

haha pino does this when she gets really excited.
Posted By: BLR

Re: bobbing head? - 11/07/09 07:47 PM

Mine do that to each other and to music or other noise that they are enjoying. I am quite certain when mine are doing it they are really happy.
Posted By: kksuns

Re: bobbing head? - 11/07/09 08:06 PM

Mine too. I think it's a sign of being happy or excited about something too.
How's the pellet converting going rtegge? Is she eating any yet?
Posted By: rtegge

Re: bobbing head? - 11/07/09 08:58 PM

unfortunately no, she likes the seed way too much. but the vet said to keep doing half mix and eventually she will recognize it as food
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