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Why she sleep there?

Posted By: Puds

Why she sleep there? - 10/03/09 01:46 AM

With the recent cage change puddles has been happier. She is always sure to take advantage of the whole space and she has seperate areas in her cage. She considers the left side play and food and the right side more chill and preen etc.

Well today i have just about had it. Why is she sleeping on a platform instead of a perch? I have so many nice perches that it would be nice on her feet. She sleeps the entire night in the back corner on her platform. Right under a rope perch that she had used before. Why is it really where she wants to sleep?

Is that healthy for her little toes. I think the bars get cold. She has ben sleeping htere for close to a week solid. Ignoring the higher comfy spaces. Sghe really does sneak her little body into the corner of this cage. Should i wrap the platform somehow, or take them all out and hope she is healthier and sleeps on a perch.

I do not think she is sick. I think she prefers this area because she can really get back in the corners unlike any perch.
Posted By: baby blue

Re: Why she sleep there? - 10/03/09 02:01 AM

i have a deal that has 2 mirrors on either side and a little triangle platform. (it goes in a corner) mine all seem to take turns on it, even though it is too small to completely belly down on. they look like real goofs with their feathers all hanging over and sticking out!!! i would say the platform is more comfy for her. the trees the wild ones live in... a person can almost lie down on the branches!! put something soft there if you want... if she doesn't want it, you know where you will find it... on the cage floor, quite possibly shredded!! lol!
Posted By: LuvMyPets

Re: Why she sleep there? - 10/03/09 02:19 AM

I have a perch in the corner that IceCube likes to use it's in a rather dark corner and she likes to sleep on it. I bought too short perches so I made them vertical in the corner, and thats the one I'm talking about.
Posted By: tealcandtina

Re: Why she sleep there? - 10/03/09 03:29 AM

I think you should watch her and let her be. If her feet were cold she would move. They really are in touch with how they feel and what they want and like children they can only be controlled so much. The platform gives her feet a rest and she can actually lay on it. I do love your cage pics from earlier!
Posted By: Cetan

Re: Why she sleep there? - 10/03/09 03:33 AM

Princess, my conure always sleeps on her platform in the corner of the cage and frequently hangs out there during the day.She has comfy perches, cholla and manzanita perches,and comfy perches and a wood perch on top of her cage but even when the door is open if she is bored or had enough out time she just goes back inside and sits on that platform. The keets have several flagstone perches and they will hang out on them occassionally and has slept on one a few times.
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