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mystique is hurt

Posted By: rtegge

mystique is hurt - 09/15/09 12:54 AM

mystique was just on the sink when i was doing some stuff. she was splashing around in the water that was on it like she normally does, then she fell in. she got frightened and flapped her wings and i THINK what happened was she hit her wing against the faucet. she cannot fly right now, she just falls to the floor and keeps lifting up her wing and is really upsetting to see. i tried touching it to see if she cried to see if it was major or just a wound... broken wing? what do i do about this? anyone's thoughts/opinions are greatly appreciated im very upset frown
Posted By: cyberbud

Re: mystique is hurt - 09/15/09 01:25 AM

take her to a vet!!!! And don't beat yourself up about this...those accidents happen in a flash and can happen to anyone and their keets.

keep us posted
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: mystique is hurt - 09/15/09 01:52 AM

Does your vet have an emergency number? sounds urgent to me.
Posted By: baby blue

Re: mystique is hurt - 09/15/09 02:41 AM

how is she doing? are you going to the vet with her? be calm(remember,accidents are called accidents for a reason)
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