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Activities - 09/14/09 03:35 AM

So Rocky and I need some new games to play. Sure its fun holding a toy for him and watching him go nuts, or whistling to each other, or whatever. But we need something new! What activities do you do with your bird? I need some ideas, because I need to make sure Rocky doesn't get bored lol, he gets bored very easily. Just like me. XD
Thanks guys.
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Re: Activities - 09/14/09 04:27 AM

Since my boys all have each other to play with, I don't have to worry about this much but right now Jamaica is in a phase of throwing things off the top of the cage. I go over and pick them all back up and push them by her and say "Get the (ball) Jamaica". I'm hoping MAYBE she will learn what those words mean. IDK
Posted By: Love My Budgies

Re: Activities - 09/14/09 03:42 PM

My girls like to play fetch-me doing all the fetching when they throw their toys (they never tire of this! crazy), peek-a-boo, clicker training new tricks, learning new songs & words, they like stories read to them, playing basketball on their playgym, ring toss, playing on my shoulder-I sometimes put on a Polly-Wanna-Necklace and let them play with that or I have a certain t-shirt I let them destroy-they love to rip the threads out and put holes in it, I mist their wheatgrass and Juji loves to take a bath on/in it, I put them on my shoulder and let them look out the window-we have flowers & multiple bird feeders on our patio and they like to watch & talk to the other birds, I let them chase me and when they try to land on me I duck down and they go nuts and circle wildly, they love to nap on my shoulder when I am online, sometimes I put cartoons on for them, etc.
I have a book of many tricks you can teach them-to shake hands, dance, roll over, do somersaults, rollerskate, basketball, play dead, etc. It is called The Click That Does The Trick.
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