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Posted By: rtegge

pictures - 08/07/09 06:27 PM

Hey guys!!

Haven't been on here in a while... Mystique & I are swell! I took some cool pics of her the other day.. I think the one is funny, she's doin a split!
Posted By: Jasper's mom

Re: pictures - 08/07/09 06:32 PM

Oh, how cute!! I love the pic of her(?) doing the splits too. Love Mystique's colors, reminds me of Jasper when I first got him. How old is Mystique?
Posted By: rtegge

Re: pictures - 08/07/09 06:34 PM

she hatched on Wednesday, May 27th this year. Just a lil babe haha. Yeah her & Jaz look alike but his colors are real different..
Posted By: rtegge

Re: pictures - 08/07/09 06:36 PM

Is Jasper adult? I know keets will start getting grumpy when they are teens, but I dont know when exactlly that is for them
Posted By: Jasper's mom

Re: pictures - 08/07/09 06:37 PM

Aw, still a baby. Jasper was blue with a very pale yellow face when I got him (the pic in my signature was taken the day he came home). He started changing color when he started molting smile
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: pictures - 08/07/09 07:13 PM

Mystique is so vary cute. good to hear you are both doing well!!
Posted By: baby blue

Re: pictures - 08/07/09 07:31 PM

glad all is well. she is a real cutie pa tootie!
Posted By: **mattie**

Re: pictures - 08/07/09 07:32 PM

So is cute as a button!

PDM and Lisa should have a keet vote every month to see who is 'Cute As a Button'.

Posted By: Jasper's mom

Re: pictures - 08/07/09 07:32 PM

I'm not sure exactly when they are 'teens'. I do remember doing a pic of Jasper one day when he had been being 'grumpy'. My sweet little baby suddenly didn't want anything to do with me. Just wanted to be left alone and got a little nasty about it (very bitey). This was around end of September I believe and he would have been around 5 months old. Anyway, here is the picture that I did grin

Posted By: kksuns

Re: pictures - 08/08/09 06:11 PM

Mystique is a little cutie pie! Still fluffy and baby like smile
I LOVE her coloring!
Posted By: baby blue

Re: pictures - 08/09/09 05:22 AM

love the color of her too. she just looks sooo, soft! jmom, i love the pic! maybe some day i will be able to figure out how to get a picture of the clan on for my avatar!!
Posted By: Kirby&Yoshi

Re: pictures - 08/09/09 05:42 AM

She looks so fuzzy smile I love the picture where she is doing a split, she is quite adorable.
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