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Sad News

Posted By: ShamRockStar

Sad News - 07/06/09 04:27 PM

Some of you may or may not remember me, I haven't been on in a while... but I have sad news. Darcy died in my hands on Thursday... I couldn't figure out what was wrong with him, everything happened so fast. One minute he was fine, the next Nouba was trying to beat him up. I pulled him out of the cage and he couldn't even keep his body up. I gave him some cypro in case he had another gi infection and syringe fed him some water and he made himself comfortable on my chest grinding his beak... and then i put him in my hand so i could ask for help on another forum and about a minute later, mid post, he took a deep breath, rolled over on his side, and died.
While I was sanitizing their cage I found shards of quartz had apparently been packed in with the seed I use which is Nutriphase... I've emailed the makers of Nutriphase (pet smart) and they haven't gotten back to me but if any of you use it, check your food carefully, the pieces of quartz are about the size of a seed and hard to pick out but they're sharp and can cause crop impaction...
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Re: Sad News - 07/06/09 04:52 PM

I am so sorry to hear that you lost Darcy. (((())))
Posted By: kksuns

Re: Sad News - 07/06/09 05:22 PM

Aw ShamRock I am so sorry. frown
QUARTZ? Wow that is just crazy! I"m so glad you cleaned the cage and discovered it. I sure hope the rest of your birds are ok.
Thank you so much for the warning. I don't use that kind but it's an eyeopener to check ALL brands.
Again, I am so sorry for your loss. ((hugs))
R I P little Darcy^
Posted By: Darkness

Re: Sad News - 07/06/09 05:40 PM

Oh how awful! I'm so sorry for your loss. And what the heck is Quartz doing in food?!
Posted By: tweetymom

Re: Sad News - 07/06/09 05:41 PM

OMG what a horrible thing! I'm so sorry you lost you birdie this way! WTH??! Do you think they put that in there for weight?

RIP Darcy Fly with the angels now!
Posted By: ShamRockStar

Re: Sad News - 07/06/09 06:13 PM

i think maybe it was just that the bag was filled by the same machine that fills bags of fish gravel or something...I bought the petsmart brand because it had a good blend of seed and i could put my own pellets (roudybush) and dried fruits and greens in it... and if i'm going to do that i dont want to spend the extra money on something like kaytee exact that already has that stuff in it you know? i thought i was doing the good thing by making their mix myself... silly me.
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Re: Sad News - 07/06/09 06:39 PM

Oh Shamrockstar I'm so sorry... Its so awful that this happened.
At least you were there Darcy in his last moments, I'm sure that meant alot to him. RIP Darcy.
Posted By: val313

Re: Sad News - 07/06/09 06:55 PM

Oh hon I am so sorry for your loss. He was such a pretty little keet. At least you were able to hold him close. Poor sweet baby.
I hope that you get a resolution to the food issue. My word that is horrible. I know that nothing will compensate you for your little keet. Many hugs to you and your flock. -val
Posted By: BalooBear114

Re: Sad News - 07/06/09 09:06 PM

Sorry for your loss. Glad you were able to discover this before
it did something to your other birdies. Rest in Peace, Darcy frown

Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Sad News - 07/06/09 09:12 PM

Oh, Heather, I am so sorry to hear this --- R.I.P. Darcy.

I've just researched quartz (to see if it has some nutritional value or might be listed in the ingredients list under a chemical name other than silicon dioxide), to no avail. My guess is that you're right about it accidentally ending up in the Nutriphase.

I imagine we would all like to hear how Petsmart responds and what you want to do about the situation. This appears to be similar to finding shards of glass in dog/cat food!

Hugs to you, Heather.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Sad News - 07/06/09 10:28 PM

Omg, I am so so sorry your loss. I'm in shock right now. Never in a million years would I ever think quartz would be found in bird food, that is just unbelievable. I hope they do get back to you, that is just beyond awful. Knowing that this could happen now, from now on I'll inspect my birds food really well before I give it to them. I'm just so sorry Heather frown Rest in Peace Darcy.
Posted By: Coco's Mama

Re: Sad News - 07/06/09 10:35 PM

Heather, I was hoping you'd visit, but not under these circumstances, I am so sorry, I can't believe it. You were one of the first great people I met when finding a forum, and Darcy, that gorgeous bird. RIP Darcy.
Posted By: baby blue

Re: Sad News - 07/06/09 10:57 PM

i am sooo soory to hear of your loss. especially the manner in which it occurred. i hope they get back to you about this. my thoughts are with you in this time of sorrow.
fly with the angels darcy.
Posted By: Me & 6 Fids

Re: Sad News - 07/06/09 11:41 PM

I'm sorry to hear about Darcy...he was a very handsome budgie! I, too, am curious as to what Petsmart has to say. Even though it won't bring Darcy back, at least you know what might have caused the illness and hopefully the other birdies didn't eat the same thing too.
Posted By: ShamRockStar

Re: Sad News - 07/06/09 11:58 PM

the other three I have decided, are fine. As soon as I noticed the food I went and got new stuff that was thoroughly inspected before it went in the cage. It's been 5 days and no one else is acting off although Nouba's a little annoyed with me... Petsmart still hasn't gotten back so I suppose I'll call them tomorrow.
Posted By: choirmom

Re: Sad News - 07/07/09 12:19 AM

What an awful thing! Sorry about your dear Darcy. RIP! I hope PET SMART does the right thing. PETCO has given me 2 sick birds. One I took back to the store within a week. The other parakeet right now is dying of cancer. And PETCO - no help!

Anyway I know how you feel. Our pets can get us very upset. I was telling my doctor about my birds. She took my blood pressure. It was so high my husband thinks after Yellowbird goes to bird heaven, I shouldn't get anymore 'keets! Really sad time for us!
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Re: Sad News - 07/07/09 01:48 AM

heather i am so sorry to hear this! This is just awful, he was such a lovely beautiful budgie.

it most likely was not quartz, it was grit. its common for cheaper brands and store brands to use grit in their bird food mixes. they have not yet gotten the scientific fact that it is deadly for parrots of all kinds.

I would sue them, flat out.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Sad News - 07/07/09 05:00 AM

Hmm -- interesting, re: grit... If I get more time later I will look up each and every ingredient on the Nutriphase bag. Meanwhile, I'm wondering what you decided to get instead of Nutriphase, Heather.

The Drs. Foster and Smith catalogue sells several types of plain seeds so you can make your own mixes, and I'm thinking of doing that (and adding ground Harrison's pellets)... It would help transition Pudgie to a higher percentage of pellets, and I would know exactly what she's eating...

Glad to hear the other birds are doing well.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Sad News - 07/07/09 05:13 AM

The ingredients are listed on the bottom of the page:
Posted By: Chocoemilk

Re: Sad News - 07/07/09 05:36 AM

I was thinking the same as Aminah, if you have an autopsy made for poor Darcy and determine that the grit or whatever rock was in the seed killed your lovely keet then you should sue. Not because any money in the world will make you feel better about Darcy's death, but because they HAVE TO PAY for THEIR MISTAKE, so careless these big companies are frown

Although I am relatively new to the forum, my thoughts are out to you and your Darcy. It's good you were with him in the end. I'm sorry for your loss.
Posted By: tweetymom

Re: Sad News - 07/07/09 05:45 AM

So is there grit in there? I didn't see anything but oyster shell. But I do not know the technical terms for things.

I only recently stopped giving my keets grit from what I learned on here. The guy at Tomlinsons told me (when I first got my first bird) that they had to have grit. I asked him what kind they gave their birds for sale and he said they didn't give it to their birds for sale cause they didn't spend that much time there before they're sold. HA!

And BTW, my birds seem much healthier. They eat more food! I've been giving them Eggcite from Kaytee.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Sad News - 07/07/09 12:56 PM

I was thinking, don't get rid of that food. I'm sure your not going to, but I just want to tell you just in case. When pet smart gets in contract with you, bring the food in and show them what's in it. That's proof right there that the food they sold you is hazardous and fatal.
Posted By: ShamRockStar

Re: Sad News - 07/07/09 04:06 PM

first thing, it isn't grit. It's quarts. It's very easy to tell the difference and the peices are much larger than grit. Oyster shell they usually grind into a powder and put in the seed as a calcium supplement. I got some Kaytee at Target to hold them over because it as 4th of july weekend and Petsmart wasn't open.
Second thing, in no way am I even thinking about sueing Petsmart for multiple reasons. One, unless I could find about 1500 other people who've had this same problem I have no hope of them even taking me seriously. Second, I have insubstantial evidence. I always throw away the food bags when I put the food in my tupperware container. And since I mix other stuff with it it they could say it was in the roudybush or in the dried fruit. Darcy is already in the ground and I refuse to allow him to be cut up, he hated the vet and people made him nervous, I'm not gonna allow a vet to cut him open at this point, it won't save him. I have kept the food as well as quartz shards found in the food when I was emptying the feeder to show them. My only goal in contacting them is to make them aware of the problem so they don't kill anyone else's pet and my goal in posting this story was to let everyone know how important it is to check what you feed your birds...

Thank you for your condolences btw. Nouba's still pretty annoyed with me, but I feel like Darcy is, if not in a better place, at the very least in a place where he understands that even if the people who had him for the first 5 years of his life weren't very nice, I liked him and wasn't trying to hurt him...
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Sad News - 07/07/09 04:14 PM

I am sure he understands that.
Posted By: Chocoemilk

Re: Sad News - 07/07/09 10:20 PM

I completely respect your decision.
And again I'm sorry for your loss. Please keep up us posted on Petsmart reply if they ever get back to you.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Sad News - 07/08/09 07:52 PM

Originally Posted By: Chocoemilk
I completely respect your decision.
And again I'm sorry for your loss. Please keep up us posted on Petsmart reply if they ever get back to you.
Originally Posted By: Ant
Thanks for posting this -- I was going blind trying to read my crunched up Nutriphase bag! What I want to do is find time to look up "pyridoxine hydrochloride" & so forth, just to see what their applications/nutritional value are... F.Y.I., I did see many (but not all) of the same ingredients listed in Harrison's pellets (which I trust fully). Maybe I'll research this and then report back...
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