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The perfect cage...inside?

Posted By: Puds

The perfect cage...inside? - 07/06/09 01:30 PM

I am having a hard time, and maybe you guys can help me! smile

What does my bird cage need inside, I have 2 cages, and i just switched to give puddles about 3-4 inches more. The space added is a large differace! My cage is not small, ummm...

And the old one is

The toys i have are a swing with bells..AKA her bed
Plastic rings that she has never really played with
Blastic balls that she swigs from, they took center stage
a Perch with beads all over that she loves to "back and fourth.."
And of course her tuff of sewing sting that she rubs in, and chews about 5-6 times a day..(and tries to untie knots)

Then perches she has a 7 inch long dowl rod
A "edible perch" She loves
Insight perch
Training perch only about 3 inches long
Of course she has perches infront of her dishes also

She has a cuddlebone that is reachable by 2 perches
she has some ..parsly (spelling is off i think) that i put in her cage daily...well i guess 3 times a day.
I hand feed her millet and a bit of "fruit and veggie" snacks

My birthday is coming up and i am getting her a rope perch that i will some how fit into her cage, maybe removing the dowl all together (she has a play gym made out of them, so i think she gets enough)

What are things that i need? Am i missing anything? I feel her cage is boring, (but really she plays all day, and i dont see signs of her feeling bored and tired with it.) Oh and anyone able to know about toys that can be hung from the side instead top of cage?
Posted By: ShamRockStar

Re: The perfect cage...inside? - 07/06/09 04:35 PM

just make sure you're rotating her toys... even if she likes them you should take one out and put a new one in every once in a while and move them around the cage, I have some toys in there that were never played with and i moved them like 2 spaces over and now everyone loves it...
Posted By: kksuns

Re: The perfect cage...inside? - 07/06/09 05:33 PM

I can't think of anything you're missing. And it can't be too boring if she seems content and plays all day! LOL
Sounds like Puddles likes chewing on fringe/tassel thingies like Levi. Actually I'm noticing Ziggy likes them too now. Anyway if she's not playing with the ring toy you could try tying some tassel like thingies on with hemp string, or sometimes i use 100%cotton string. It always seems to get Levi interested.
You could even just string a few pony beads, or whatever beads you might have that are at least the size of pony beads, on hemp string and tie to the side of the cage here and there.
Here's a site with reasonably priced bird toys, some are downright cheap! LOL Scroll thru and you'll see dif ones that attach to side of cage. Some have mirrors and IDK if you allow Puddles to have a mirror yet? But some don't.
If you buy from the site it would be good to scoop up some of the cheaper ones even if they are hanging ones so you have stuff to switch with. Look around..they have rope perches etc too smile

When is your Birthday???
Posted By: kksuns

Re: The perfect cage...inside? - 07/07/09 12:42 PM

Click on "sort by" and go to sort price low to high
Posted By: Love My Budgies

Re: The perfect cage...inside? - 07/07/09 02:47 PM

You'll figure it out by trial and error-what your bird likes and what makes it happiest if you pay attention to her body language, play time, etc.
I have read the "ideal" you should have is a bath tub, at least 3 different perches, a ladder, a swing, at least 3 toys, something to shred and something to forage in. It is also good to rotate different toys every 3 days so they don't get bored or become territorial.
I follow the above and use veggies as added toys-she loves to shred & munch long strips of broccoli, celery, parsley, kale, spinach, wheatgrass, & romaine lettuce.
Not only do I hang veggies from the side, but she has movable toys that clip onto the side-one resembles a toy lawn mower with a bell inside that she likes to spin, an orb of movable rings she likes to spin, a bell with tassles, a play perch with toys on & in it, and a few others I don't know how to describe.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: The perfect cage...inside? - 07/07/09 03:56 PM

How about a foraging toy?
Posted By: Jasper's mom

Re: The perfect cage...inside? - 07/07/09 06:22 PM

These are some of Jasper's favorites:

This one he LOVES (likes the plastic chains) talks to it all the time (also this site has lots and lots and lots of things for birds)

He has to have a shredder pinata thing at ALL times:

And he loves the munch balls. This one is great because you can reuse the kabob, either with food or what I do is buy bags of the munch balls and refill it all the time smile

You will find out by trying different toys which ones your bird loves and just can't do without. Jasper has his must haves in at all times, and then I rotate others in and out smile
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: The perfect cage...inside? - 07/07/09 06:36 PM

Sharon those munch balls look cool!!
Posted By: Jasper's mom

Re: The perfect cage...inside? - 07/07/09 07:25 PM

I also string the munch balls on some thin leather cord, tie a bell on the end, and hang them up smile
Posted By: BijousMom85

Re: The perfect cage...inside? - 07/12/09 09:42 PM

Is it okay for keets to share toys? The woman that I got Bijou from told me to wash any toys thoroughly and not let the birds play with shared toys. She did not seem knowledgable AT ALL so I don't believe much of what she told me, however this seems like something that might be true to avoid spreading anything.
Posted By: kksuns

Re: The perfect cage...inside? - 07/12/09 11:44 PM

If the keets are in the same cage of course they share toys.Is that what you mean? If it is then that lady must have a screw lose! LOL Is she the same one that said they can't bathe on lettuce ?
If you mean can a new budgie that is still in quarantine from one you already had share, then no, they shouldn't share toys or anything else. smile
Posted By: new_bird

Re: The perfect cage...inside? - 07/13/09 12:11 AM

i got some cheap toys from wal-mart. Depending on where you live they might be higher, but in Texas they were 86 cents. Yes they might not be the best qualitly but my bird loves them! I got a mirror with a perch, treat bowl. and beads that Dakota can push around. I also got a colorful ladder with beads at the top. Check them out. Not sure if they are on-line.
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