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Question - 11/15/05 11:05 PM

Ok, i've had my parakeet Mickey for like 11 years but unfortunately i never really took the time to train him to get on my finger and stuff like that. When i used to let him out of his cage when i was younger, he would just fly around in circles until he fell on the floor or into the wall and then he wouldnt go back in his cage. It was very difficult to get him back in to his cage because he would NOT get on my finger. My question is, should i try and let him fly aroung the room or will he fly into something and snap his little neck? He's an old little guy but i want gim to be able to fly around a bit without getting hurt. He bites me now also because people used to stick their fingers in his cage and taunt him, which he HATED. I moved him but he still pecks at me. Any advice?
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Re: Question - 11/15/05 11:17 PM

when was the last time he flew? I would think that would be the deciding factor considering his age. I do not have any experience with a keet that old, but there are those here that do. So if your post does not get answered right away keep coming back to check
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Re: Question - 11/15/05 11:23 PM

I think the last time i took him out was like a year or a little more ago and he wouldn't land anywhere, so he flew into the stairwell. He's still really healthy from what i can tell but i just dont know what he'll do when he's loose.
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Re: Question - 11/15/05 11:25 PM

well if he was mine and at that age under those conditions I wouldn't do it. Whose to know how his eyesight is now or his hearing. I think it would just be too risky. If he had been flying all long he would probably be ok, but after a year and @11. No.
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Re: Question - 11/15/05 11:45 PM

Yeah, i was afraid of that:( Maybe i should pad the entire room so he wont fly into anything hard and have a heart attack.
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Re: Question - 11/16/05 02:52 AM

I've always fed Mickey just the regular parakeet seeds from the pet store, i think its called bonanza, but i also buy him treats like those millet sprays and stuff like that. I got him when i was like 9 and i had no idea he would live for so long! He even outlived his little mate, Noodles. Is it important to feed them something other than seed. If so, than what else should i give him??
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Re: Question - 11/16/05 03:43 AM

I actually just found out on this board that its good for them to eats fruits and veggies, i never knew they could eat that stuff before. My question is- how do you feed them those things, like apples? How big do you cut up the pieces...will he choke on them if they're too big? i definately want to try some fruit or lettuce, he loves to eat.
Mick has a HUGE cage that i got for him and Noodles a long time ago. Noodles died about 3 years ago and i was worried that Mick would be depressed, so i moved him from my room to the livingroom so he could be around people and he LOVES it in there and is still happy and loud. i thought about getting him another friend but he was perfectly happy on his own so i decided not to. They definately were very close. It's pretty pathetic, but i actually dont even know if Mickey is a boy, i just always call him "him"...

ps. Just curious, what do you feed you parakeet?
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Re: Question - 11/16/05 03:49 AM

I have no idea about the percentages - but esso eats mostly seed, but is offerred daily a variety of veggies - broccoli, romaine lettuce, and fresh spinach are most popular, and sometimes sprouted seeds, and sometimes life cereal if i think of it.
He also likes to forrage (? spelling) around on the ground for "dri-greens" which are dried veggies - they actually look like something you'd find in your spice rack.

if you want to start - i recommend -
1. try something like cereal because it is similar to seeds and most birds like it.
2. start with a veggie not a fruit - at least based on esso - and go VERY VERY small - like the very tips of broccoli - like the size of seeds. i started off hand feeding him by putting these on the tip of my finger and once he tried it, he like it.

ps mickey sounds very happy, so you don't need to recreate the wheel at age 10 ! (IMHO)
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Re: Question - 11/16/05 04:09 AM

Do you mean regular cereal like humans eat? Do you crunch it up first? i was thinking about putting a piece of lettuce in his cage at first maybe. Are you supposed mix broccoli seeds in with their food?
He used to hop on my finger and let me pet his belly, but like i said, when i moved him in the livingroom, people would put their finger through his cage and taunt him. Now, whenever i stick my hand near him even to feed him he bites me really hard and i cant get him to trust me anymore. Sometimes i wonder if he's too old to change. He does want to come out of his cage though, because sometimes he just jumps out when im not looking =)
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Re: Question - 11/16/05 11:21 AM

can you post a pic of Mickey I would love to see what he/she looks like and maybe we can help you finally know which it is. If that bird had lived to 11 years old, I wouldn't change a thing. If you want to try and offer him some fruit and veg, do it very slowly and in very tiny amts. Like a thimbles worth. Do not feed him iceberg lettuce, try a leafy variety like kale or romaine. I just hang it from the top of the cage. Brocolli, just the little buds on the very tip and like I said very slowly-1 new thing at a time-and very small amts'until you see how his system reacts to it.
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Re: Question - 11/16/05 07:52 PM

ill try to post a pic if i can...i dont have a digital cam. its wierd-when i first got him he looked completely different but after i had him for awhile he changed colors. Maybe thats normal? i was thinking about switching his food but now im thinking i should just keep using what ive been giving him. is it normal for old birds to be less loud than when they were younger? He's still healthy and sings alot but not AS much as before. i think im just paranoid because i have a wierd attachment to that little thing-people always make fun of me.
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Re: Question - 11/16/05 10:17 PM

It's like every living thing that ages. The batteries start to run low, things are slower, quieter. As long as he is active and still chirping that's good. I know how you feel I have 2 dogs, one is 12 and the other almost 13, they still run and play, though not as fast or as far, they have cataracts, and the hearings not as good and I watch every little thing that goes on with them. I dread the inevitable. frown But am grateful for everyday I have them. smile
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Re: Question - 11/17/05 12:48 AM

yes Esso loves Life Cereal - the kind humans eat. I think i might have offerred little pieces of it initially - now he will pick a whole piece up and fly off with it - so its sort of how to remember how it started - but it is a grain, so it is not that far removed from seeds in terms of diet - and i think most keets like it. some keets like cheerios but esso doesn't.
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Re: Question - 11/17/05 04:59 AM

Life cereal? wow, I always thought you could only give them cherrios because of the low sugar content.

I'd like to see a picture of this bird also.. Does he seem big compared to other budgies? I'm wondering what it is exactly that makes them live longer.. I have an albino budgie that I was told was about 7 years old when I got her over a year ago. I always thought of her as ancient and at first, I was just waiting to wake up and find her at the bottom of the cage.. but now she not only proved that she's good and healthy, but she's started egg-laying as a hobby..
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Re: Question - 11/17/05 10:09 AM

my birds like corn flakes, Great Grains pecan/raisin, I just crush a handful and put on a saucer in the cage, munch,munch gone in seconds.
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Re: Question - 11/17/05 07:34 PM

Do they sell fruits and veggies for birds in pet stores? i looked but i couldnt find any. i tried to give him some broccoli today and he just stared at it, confused. i know it will take awhile because he's used to just seed.
Neopolitan-Mickey isnt very big at all...he's actually pretty tiny. He was ALOT smaller than his mate was. i know how you feel-i always worry that ill find him at the bottom of his cage too because he's so old but hes actually outlived alot of our other pets.
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Re: Question - 11/17/05 09:46 PM

yes. My birds really like dehydrated greens I but at thepet store. I think it's called Garden Goodness made by Zupreem and any of the seeds that say blend contain fruit and veggies. I feed my guys a combination of them all. You should really proceed slowly with your old guy. He's been fine up till now with what he has been eating. You could also try dried fruit bits and see if he likes those.
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Re: Question - 11/17/05 10:18 PM

Yeah i'm definately going to take my time with him. i had to watch his mate die a very slow death so im very careful with him. But i am going to look for that Garden Goodness stuff eventually to see if he likes it.
Posted By: La Sierra Madre

Re: Question - 11/18/05 12:44 AM

lololololo, how exactly did Noodles die?
8 in 1 ecotrition makes something called "Grains N' Greens". it has a pic of a parakeet on it and it's like a little can.
some people believe in pellets, some believe in seeds. some serve both. all i can say is that some seed brands aren't trustworthy. an all seed diet can also cause fatty liver problems later on in a keet's lifespan.
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Re: Question - 11/18/05 01:39 AM

Thats funny because i actually got that ecotrition stuff for him today. Isnt that just a treat though? Is that a good brand to buy for seeds? Because i might switch.
Well, i got Noodles and Mickey at the same time and obviously they loved eachother. After several years one day i noticed Noodles was acting weird. I knew he was probably dying and i that really couldnt help him. i didnt know what to do. This went on for weeks. Mickey was picking on him and being mean, so i moved him to his own cage to basically let him die in peace. One night i found him on the bottom of his cage...still alive but obvioulsy dying. i had to sit there and watch him die VERY slowly. i was in high school then and i was so attached to him:( i dont know what exactly happened to him. He actually looked almost exactly like your yellow bird but with a green belly, La Sierra Madre.
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Re: Question - 11/18/05 05:41 AM

that makes me feel sad frown that pic was an early pic.... she has a llot of green and black on her belly now smile why didn't you take noodles to the vet if you knew he was critically ill?
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Re: Question - 11/18/05 01:59 PM

I can't believe you watched the bird get so sick over a period of time and did nothing at all to help. I'm sorry but that is so totally unacceptable. frown I hope now that you are older and more mature you realize that Parakeets don't "just die", they get sick and die and early intervention can mean it lives.
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Re: Question - 11/18/05 09:30 PM

First of all, i was barely 15 when he died and no way would my parents have taken a little parakeet to the vet to get x-rays and expensive medicines and everything else that goes along with that-they barely do that for our cats. They just wouldn't. I definately couldnt do it myself. Maybe my post made it seem like i did nothing for him but i tried to help him. My mom went out and bought some medications at the petstore and we fed it to him everyday-we thought it would help him, but it didnt. Sadly i just wasnt as educated about parakeets then as i am now. i just didnt think people ever really took little birds to the vet. i wasnt absolutely positive he was dying anyway-i knew he was quite a bit older than mickey and i thought maybe he was just getting old and being less active- i honestly didnt know. Please dont make it seem like i was a just a heartless, immature child who couldnt be bothered to help her pet-i loved Noodles and took good care of both of them.
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Re: Question - 11/18/05 09:41 PM

you need to let your parents understand about avian vets... if they don't like to bring any animals to the vet then you shouldn't have a pet. i don't think you were heartless. however, you should save up for an emergency vet visit if your parents won't pay for it themselves.
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