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Any gender ideas?

Posted By: eakeaty

Any gender ideas? - 11/14/05 09:23 PM

I know I know . . . there are a bout a million of these every week . . . and I've probably asked it before . . . you know what I'm wondering - here are some recent photos (from about 10 min ago! Ilo is in a fowl mood today, so this is the best I could do!)

[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
Posted By: Jloc

Re: Any gender ideas? - 11/14/05 09:46 PM

I can't say as I don't have the experience some other members do but I know they will ask you the birds age before they can answer your question, younger birds ceres tend to look a tad different than mature birds so we need to know exactly how old the bird is, as close as you know. Again I don't know the top pic my first thought was female because the cere looked white as Frodo's does, the bottom pic looked a bit more blue which could be male but I think if the bird is young blue/purple doesn't make it male for sure. Again I don't know so wait for Sylv and other experienced members to give you a better answer. I will throw my guess in as female. Good luck and make sure you tell us the age as that will help with figuring out the sex. Very good looking bird too, congrats! I love the little orange patch on her head, so cute. Jloc
Posted By: Sylv

Re: Any gender ideas? - 11/14/05 10:28 PM

eakeaty has he got white around his nostrils or is that the flash and is his cere purple?
Posted By: eakeaty

Re: Any gender ideas? - 11/14/05 11:31 PM

he's got white around his nostrils. his cere is purple-ish pink . . . except for around the nostrils. I've had him for about a month, and I think he is a couple months old - about 3 months old?
Posted By: eakeaty

Re: Any gender ideas? - 11/15/05 01:15 AM

Jloc- the orange on his head isn't his feathers . . . they marekd his head at the pet store to save him for me, and not to sell him to anyone else. lol, it's just marker!
Posted By: I Love Gus & Milo

Re: Any gender ideas? - 11/15/05 01:21 AM

Lol! I was thinking the same thing... i loved the dot! frown (sad it is not to stay) maybe you can dab a touch of marker on her to make it stay for good? :p just kidding... but it does look cute.

I must say I am stumped about the gender... it is quite borderline... I guess it is a good thinkg that Ilo can go both ways when we fianlyl figure out what what he\she is laugh SUper cute birdie though!
Posted By: adieu

Re: Any gender ideas? - 11/15/05 01:33 AM

ok i am going to venture a guess before sylv gives us the correct answer smile

my vote = male
Posted By: Cristina

Re: Any gender ideas? - 11/15/05 05:41 AM the first pic the cere appears to be light brown and in the 2nd pic it looks light blue. The 2nd pic does look more clearer though. How old is she/he? It does seem like a male.
Posted By: Sky&Friends

Re: Any gender ideas? - 11/15/05 08:01 AM

well from what they told me at the pet store looks like a female

just what they told me at the pet store
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