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need help with my parakeets

Posted By: Fernandez&Lopez

need help with my parakeets - 12/30/08 03:00 AM

yo people, i have 2 parakeets called fernandez and lopez

i've had them for 1 and a half years now

i got htem both at petco from the bin o budgies

they are quite tame, they will come onto anyone's finger if you put your finger in front of them

but it's hard to play with them and take them outside because they always fly back when you move hand away from perch

once you get them out,they fly around a lot in my room and smash into things and stuff, and they always fly back to top of cage, if i cover the cage completely with a towel, they fly onto the blinds of the window,

once i put them back on my shoulder, which is the only place they seem to want to be, they'll fly back within 30 seconds

how can i make them more playful? thanks
Posted By: Fernandez&Lopez

Re: need help with my parakeets - 12/30/08 03:01 AM

also, they are scared of EVERYTHING, literally everything except their cage, millet, and us

how do i get them not scared of things, such as computer, or my chair, or my pencil?

Posted By: Kisa_411

Re: need help with my parakeets - 12/30/08 04:38 AM

if you want you can take them out and leave them somewhere while you remove their cage to another place where they can't see it.
then they might spend more time with you becuase you're the only familiar object they can see around and after 10 minutes or something put them back in their cage...?
Posted By: cyberbud

Re: need help with my parakeets - 12/30/08 04:52 AM

Do they have any favorite treats, like millet? If so, while training, make sure they only get those special treats when they're away from the cage. Put some toys, or a playgym out for them to play on. If you have a computer play a video from you tube of parakeets.

Best of luck!

Posted By: Fernandez&Lopez

Re: need help with my parakeets - 12/31/08 02:35 AM

they love millet but we feed it to them in there cage everyday and we couldnt find a play gym at petco and they are scared of everything and
Posted By: kksuns

Re: need help with my parakeets - 12/31/08 02:56 AM

Do they play with toys? Or are there certain veggies they love to eat? Maybe put some favorite things on top of their cage and let them come out on their own?
I made a playgym out of one of those wooden clothes racks? You could maybe try that and hang toys on it and attach a tray to put food and vegs or other favorites on it. I think I put a pic of it on here at one time. If you want I could try to locate it or just take a new pic.
I would suggest clipping their wings til they get used to being with you more outside of cage but after 1 1/2 years I don't think you would want to do that huh? It does make it easier to tame them but....hard decision.
Good luck!
I think the trick might be finding something they really like and puttin it outside their cage.
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