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Posted By: ShamRockStar

HELP - 09/05/08 05:04 AM

So I realize it's been a while. I'm trying to find a job which is not so easy and sort of sucking up all of my time...

ANYway... a family of mid sized black spiders have decided against all odds to make my room their home. I say against all odds because I clean my room every day... there are stacks of papers and what not but they get moved on I kid you not a daily basis.... ANYway my father and I cant seem to get rid of them. they look like wolf spiders which are pretty common out here but wolf spiders uually dont live in packs and they keep showing up in my bed which is disturbing. We've taken the whole thing apart, there aren't any spider houses or anything...

anyway does anyone know of any way for me to effectively kill the spiders without killing the birds? I feel like they;re all over me all the time now and it's like... ridiculous.

Posted By: cyberbud

Re: HELP - 09/05/08 05:33 AM

Can you post a photo?
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: HELP - 09/05/08 12:07 PM

Wow, with out finding their "home" I don't know of a way to get rid of them that wouldn't harm your birds. Sure hope someone else does? Can you re home them for a couple of days so you can spray your house? My DH uses a barn spray for the spiders in the basement twice a year. He opens the door down there and I close the vents upstairs where the birds are (he's only done it once since I had the birds)I have also told him he HAS to do it when it is warm outside so I can also close the door of the room my babies are in and open the windows.
Posted By: Tanaka

Re: HELP - 09/05/08 04:17 PM

Spiders? shocked GYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! eek My one true fear! crazy And in your bed even! sick It makes my skin crawl just to think about it! eek I say grab an old newspaper, roll it up & start swinging!!!! mad (And show no mercy!). mad
Posted By: kksuns

Re: HELP - 09/05/08 04:31 PM

Ditto!!! Tanaka I HAAAAAAATTTTEEEE spiders. Ugggh!! big ones small ones and any in between! I have Nightmares about spiders! Yuck!
Get 'em!!!! I wish I had advice to get rid of them but sorry frown I have no clue. We live under pine trees and get lots of spiders ^ick^, but not like TRIBES of them all at once! Good luck,that really *****
Posted By: slcpunk

Re: HELP - 09/05/08 04:46 PM

I saw on a tv show that if you keep destroying the webs they will eventually starve or leave.

Here are some links I found with some ideas

Good luck
Posted By: 3keets

Re: HELP - 09/05/08 04:49 PM

Ick I ditto hating spiders. Maybe their home is in the woodwork of your bed?
Posted By: Kariva

Re: HELP - 09/05/08 04:59 PM

do you have a new mattress? like the could have possibly taken up residence there and just now are coming out either as babies or what not/
Posted By: Jessica Rawks

Re: HELP - 09/05/08 05:10 PM

Eww...Heather, you poor thing! Spiders CREEP me SO bad!

I'm with CM...can you rehome your keets for a few days and bomb the heck out of your room?

Try to help you identify what type of creepie you are dealing with! If you have pics he'll sometimes be able to tell you what you have and what to do!
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: HELP - 09/05/08 06:22 PM

Originally Posted By: Kariva
do you have a new mattress? like the could have possibly taken up residence there and just now are coming out either as babies or what not/
Creepy but good question... The situation sounds nasty, nasty, nasty...
Posted By: blumom

Re: HELP - 09/05/08 09:24 PM

Spiders are considered good luck in many cultures. they eat bugs and they can be quite beautiful. I know it's creepy to have them in bed with you (i sure wouldn't like it) but if there's a way for you to move them to another room or outside, that would be so ideal.

My mother would never ever ever let me kill a spider. Weird, huh?
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