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Your Parakeet's Personality

Posted By: skippy_and_pippy

Your Parakeet's Personality - 10/02/05 01:37 PM

Well, since each and every budgie has a different personality, I was thinking that every one can post up a description of your keet's cute habits, how he/she behaves, if he/she's the leader or the follower etc. etc...

I'll start us off:

Skippy (green, blue, and yellow; couple of months old):
Although not the dominant bird, he's the more adventurous one who is always the first to examine a new toy and hop out of his cage to fly. He is more active and is constantly flapping about in his cage is not let out. He can sing if he wants to (which is always) but when he squawks, be prepared for a migraine. His little head is always bobbing up and down and it's SO cute. Sadly, he's very skittish sometimes and doesn't trust anything that moves.

Pippy (green, yellow, and black; same age as Skippy):
She's the biter and pecks her friend everytime he gets into her personal space. However, she's more receptive to people (yay!) and always eats everything put in front of her. She doesn't come out much and prefers to sit back and watch. She's terrible flyer unlike Skippy and will bump into walls sometimes.. frown so that probably explains her reluctance to come out. She has learned to bob her head from Skippy so now I have two bobble-head budgies. smile

Now it's your turn! What's your keet's personality?
Posted By: Tweety-holic

Re: Your Parakeet's Personality - 10/02/05 02:05 PM

This is going to take a while...

Tweety (green)-Very sweet!! She just likes to sit back and watch all the other birds run around the cage, and even 'attack' people by flying at their faces. Tweety loves to give kisses and preen my hair. A total sweetheart. She will not bite for her life!

Sunnyboy (Blue & white)- Daring. He will do anything daring. He really likes to follow and copy what Bluebell does!

Malachi (dark grey)- A copy cat.

ixie (yellow & green)- Curious. She wants to go around the house just to look at everything. She wants to know everything, including why I won't let her & Sunnyboy mate. She is VERY flirty and always tries to look her best for Sunnyboy!! smile

Bluebell (green, blue, yellow, with black)- An adventurous, curious daredevil. She has quite the personality. She will do anything!! She's climb up to th ceiling, she'll sleep on my Mom's shoe. Those are only TWO of the things she did!!
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Your Parakeet's Personality - 10/02/05 03:09 PM

Bonnie grn/blk/yellow: He's my little macho birdie. He's in charge of hte cage and bosses all the other around.
Clyde grn/blk/blu She is mother hen and the oldest. She's always keeping the others in line
Stormy-gry/blk/wht He's the baby and follows anything Bonnie does. I think he's going to be the 1st one finger trained.
Rain gry/pale blu/wht She's a nervouse nellie and has had a harder time finding her place. She and Stormy don't seem to be attracted to each other. She is young too.

There a laugh a minute and I love watching them.
Posted By: GJD2490

Re: Your Parakeet's Personality - 10/02/05 04:04 PM

Ringo (A mix between Lilac and blue on his belly, and black and white on his wings, but under his wings on his backside, it a deep royal blue)- Though Ringo is curretnly a only child, he is a very complex Keet. When we first got him, he seemed so sweet and wouldn't bite a thing. We thought he was shy and was scared of everything.

How wrong we were when Ringo started to take his space. Don't get me wrong Ringo didn't become and mean biting maniac, on the contrary. He's still shy at times, but now his true personality has shown. He's a very selfish (but cute and loving) Keet. He loves things that will only benifit him, not caring about me or my family. Lately he's grown to like us more (since we got rid of his mirror). Yet he is a bit selfish and loves to start fights with my sister when she ignores him (He yells at her and flaps his wings! lol) He used to bite all the time when during the later hours of the day when we tried to pet him, probably because he was sleepy. He's definately getting better and I love him no matter what he does.
Posted By: Dawayne

Re: Your Parakeet's Personality - 10/02/05 04:17 PM

Blue(Blue Body and yellow face) - The Boss a laid back kind of bird.
Bingo(Green black and blue tail) - Playful Bird Always Wants to play.
Bj(White, Gray, Yellow, and black) - He does what ever blue does.
Posted By: La Sierra Madre

Re: Your Parakeet's Personality - 10/02/05 05:02 PM

Sierra (Yellow, black and green)- more mellow keet, but pretty hyper in the morning. her fav acrobatic trick is ti hang upside down and watch me moving around the room.
Posted By: Kait

Re: Your Parakeet's Personality - 10/02/05 05:10 PM

Charlie ---> light green body with a yellow face with black and yellow wings,between 2-4 months. Shes the more dominent keet and loves to explore, shes always willing to try new things!

Addy ---> White with a blue belly and black spots on her wings,between 2-4 months. She follows Charlie where ever she goes, she sings the loudest out of the two of them and is uaually a little more skidish if you move to fast.

They both love to give kisses and preen my hair and when they are out of their cage their favorite spot is my shoulder :p
Posted By: hpetS

Re: Your Parakeet's Personality - 10/02/05 06:34 PM

Link (blue, whilte, & black) - She's the daring one. She'll be the first to play with a new toy or fly into an unexplored room. She also LOVES playing with knotted rope.

Zelda (green, yellow, & black) - a bit bossy, but still lovable. She is the calmer one out of the two.
Posted By: Cully's Mom

Re: Your Parakeet's Personality - 10/02/05 07:30 PM

Cully - sky blue & white with black on one wing
3-4 months old.
Very persnickity! Very vocal. Doesn't like anyone to leave the room, so now we move him from room to room (cage and all)
Doesn't want any part of hands/finger training, but will nibble on my nose and lips when I kiss at him on his perch.
Loves to play in his food. Rolls in it, throws it out, makes a huge mess. Seems to be his "safe place" if something startles him.
LOVES to play with his toys, very very active, but I only let him out in the bathroom, where its safe for him. When out of his cage he's very skittish.
Whistles at you when he wants your attention.
Very acrobatic!
Posted By: Jloc

Re: Your Parakeet's Personality - 10/02/05 08:31 PM

Frodo- A very calm and laid back birdie, very funny makes faces and like to immitate me, loves her coconut more than anything in the world including millet which she also loves extremely. SOmetimes will just get wild while playing and start making funny sounds at the toys. She is basically still and baby and acts like a baby, but I can see she wants to be loved and cuddled but she is still just very unsure of people and just stays back and watches. I think she will come around, as I know she wants to, I can see it. Loves clicking her beak and hanging about, loves all toys really, especially bells and beads. Doesn't talk much but when she does it beautiful. Oh and she loves watching TV, I will get some video proof soon if you don't believe me.

Sparky- My moms bird- Extremely hyper, literaly just bounces all over, a very fast keet even at a good size. IS very cuddly and loves attention more than any toys or even other birds. Loves running through hair and landing on heads. Also enjoys the cage for some reason, even while out playing she will take short pit stops in the cage and then come back out. Gets jealous when anyone is eating and will land on your plate or cup and try to steal a drink or bite. Very vocal bird, talks with the birds outside a lot, and can whistle extremely well. Very funny and cute bird and has bonded to people better than any keet I have ever seen, almost like a parrot or something. Oh and she loves nibbling and giving kisses, she always gives kisses especially on your nose. I should get video of her too, she just loves to play with people and is so hyper, it's hilarious.

Thats about it, both are blue and white with some gray on their backs/wings, and both have those pretty little spots on their necks and cheeks. Cute birds. Jloc
Posted By: LiinaJax

Re: Your Parakeet's Personality - 10/02/05 08:54 PM

Hi, I'm new to this forum. I thought if no one minds, I'd tell about my 4-some of keets.

Chip- (Lavender/Blue, Black&White stripes on his head & wings, very small... I think he was a runt.) We bought him first. Some of my friends refer to him as an 'evil plotter' because he used to be alone in his cage and refused to come out. When we would finally get him out of there, he always seemed grumpy. Once we added new birds, he is happy as can be. Chirps all the time now and adores the sound of running water. I think he's the only happy one around when I do the dishes.

Emerald & Hannah- (Emerald is green, yellow & dark blue. Hannah is mostly yellow. Both are much bigger than Chip.)I bought these 2 as a pair because after 30 minutes of standing in front of the cage at the pet store I realized they followed each other around, fed each one another, and cuddled. My boyfriend asked me if I was ready to go, and I couldn't leave. I felt so bad because I knew that someone would come and buy one of them and not know the bond between the other bird and itself. Without another word he went up to the cashier and bought both birds for me. Emerald (aka Wild Thing) had a rough start to hand training. He was all over the place and wouldn't sit still for longer than a few seconds. Hannah is the calmest of the group. She prefers to be handled by picking her up gently, rather than wait to be persuaded to hop on my finger. Sometimes she'll try to hide under my hand when I'm holding her & sitting down. She's a real sweetheart. Emerald has the loudest chirp in the world. I swear, if he's really excited that my eardrums are going to explode.

Cotton- (White, Tan & Light Blue) He is the newest edition. We're not even sure it's really a 'he', but I'm assuming, since his nostrils are leaning more to a bluesh tint. He is extremely quiet. He has the most gentle chirp, and he sleeps a lot in the cutest little puffball pose. He is very curious and anxious to be friends with the others in the cage. Chip has been most friendly toward him. Probably because Emerald and Hannah already have each other to swoon over.
Posted By: Jenny_Leigh

Re: Your Parakeet's Personality - 10/02/05 09:13 PM

mark- green,black,yellow, and dark blue.
well, he chirps anytime i leave the room and he gets moody. he'll see me petting my cat and for a few minutes he won't have anything to do with me for a few minutes! he loves to chirp and hop around his cage. he loves to chew on shiny things but is scared to death of bells!! he never plays with his toys.he looks horrible in the morining and is definitly not a morining bird!
Posted By: Chelsea_Lola

Re: Your Parakeet's Personality - 10/02/05 11:07 PM

Lola (Turqiouse Blue)- Pretty shy around new people. She doesnt really like to be handled by other people than me. She isnt very vocal, but sometimes she will get chirping and acking outbursts. She does get in moods when she is territorial about her cage and she will bite me. She mostly sits on her perch and plays with her toys!!!
Posted By: paula k

Re: Your Parakeet's Personality - 10/02/05 11:24 PM

So far Tillie just likes to hand up-side-down. She is just too new to figure out yet. Sometimes she's happy when I enter the room and sometimes shes quiet. I guess I have to get to know her better. Paula k
Posted By: PastelBirdy

Re: Your Parakeet's Personality - 02/12/18 09:15 PM

Icarus- a Young calm baby boy. White with a Turquoise stripe across his chest and under his tail. Black and grey sripes on his head and neck. A white spot on his head. Cute purple blue freckles on his cheeks.

He loves his naps and loves to sing and eat carrots. He loves to sing along to my morning playlist that I play when I get ready for school
Posted By: Lisa Shea

Re: Your Parakeet's Personality - 02/16/18 08:38 PM

He sounds beautiful! And carrots are so healthy for a keet!
Posted By: Dashi

Re: Your Parakeet's Personality - 05/07/18 12:02 AM

I live in albania the weather is good i want to get free my parakeets. Can parakeets live outside in albania?? I want them free
Posted By: Lisa Shea

Re: Your Parakeet's Personality - 05/21/18 11:24 PM

Parakeets which weren't raised in the wild would quickly die. They don't know how to avoid predators. Please give them to a loving home!
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