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Soaked Keet!

Posted By: Sharonmz

Soaked Keet! - 04/24/08 01:28 AM

OK, so here we go again. This time it is not a toe but a water issue. While I was on the computer and my daughter was in the shower Cloud decided to join her, he is completely soaked! I have tried to grab him in a towel and keep him warm but he does not like to be grabed like that. So what I am going to do for now is put him in his cage and cover it qith his cover so he will not get a draft. Any other suggestions,like a heating blanket on top of cage under the cover to add warmth. It is pretty warm in the house and I have closed all the windows so he will not have a draft.
My this one has actually been more of a challenge than my own child!!!!! LOL I still love him though.
Thanx all...
Posted By: Meg C.

Re: Soaked Keet! - 04/24/08 01:50 AM

He should be fine. Birds love water! It's always kind of funny to see them wet. As long as he is warm, don't worry about a heating pad or trying to towel dry him off.
Posted By: Sharonmz

Re: Soaked Keet! - 04/24/08 02:17 AM

He is shaking a little. I got real scared when he seemed to throw up some seeds in the beginning. I will just watch him for any sneezing and my daughter has been sternly told not to let him shower with her in the evening (it is cooler and there is no sun.
Posted By: Meg C.

Re: Soaked Keet! - 04/24/08 02:27 AM

Aww. I think the shaking is natural for any animal. I'm not sure about throwing up seeds - I know keets will offer seeds as an act of affection, but I don't know about actual throwing up. He's a really cute bird, though!
Posted By: CrazyC

Re: Soaked Keet! - 04/24/08 04:16 AM

You should be able to tell when they throw up, if it's like mine. Hoju will bop his head like he's going to share some seeds, but then he sneezes a few times, and then shakes his head rapidly spitting up seeds. Sad to see, but definitely not the normal food sharing behaviour :P

I'd imagine he'd be ok if he had a nice warm spot to dry off with no drafts, which it seems you've given him already.
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