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long overdue update

Posted By: Sharonmz

long overdue update - 04/17/08 01:16 AM

Hi all. Sorry I have not been on to chat with everyone but I have been real sick with a double ear infection. I lost almost all my hearing for a little over a week. I had to stay away from cloud because I was afraid he would get ill.
He now jumps in the shower with my daughter almost every evening, loves to take baths in the bathroom sink, and I believe he is trying to talk. I can tell a difference from just his "chirps". I hope everyone and their budgies are doing well and I hope to be on here chatting in full swing ASAP!!
Cloud waves a wing to everyone!
Posted By: Samiya

Re: long overdue update - 04/17/08 01:28 AM

he waves a wing,LOL, tootsi and aiden wave both wings to you guys1

sorry to hear about the ear infection. is it better? hope it is.

we missed you,and welcome back!
Posted By: NikkiT

Re: long overdue update - 04/17/08 01:28 AM

Glad that you are feeling better, im sure it was horriable having to stay away from your baby
Posted By: Faith says hi

Re: long overdue update - 04/17/08 01:11 PM

Glad you're feeling better. Is your hearing okay again?
Posted By: Sharonmz

Re: long overdue update - 04/23/08 11:10 PM

Yes, I can hear again, but when I blow my nose they clog up for a minute or two. The antibiotics got me real sick to my stomach so I had to stop that. Me and cloud are now taking showers together (he LOVES water now), and back to the almost old routine of being my shadow.
Posted By: Stephen

Re: long overdue update - 04/24/08 01:23 AM

I'm glad you're feeling better and Cloud is such a good boy. He must really love you guys. smile I'm glad you're back ... I was wondering where you'd gone off to just today actually!
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: long overdue update - 04/24/08 04:25 AM

Hope you will be fully recovered soon. Sounds miserable...
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