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Posted By: Meggie

Toys - 01/14/08 10:02 PM

I have a bid cage for my birds and they love to fly around inside, but they don't play with any of their toys and to be honest the toys arn't cheap. So do they just not want to play with them or is something wrong?
Posted By: Stephen

Re: Toys - 01/14/08 10:04 PM

They may simply just not like the toys that you picked out (sorry!) For me, my birds all like chewy rope toys, but Emma likes mirrors and bells and Grace likes rawhide stuff...maybe you just aren't getting the toys they them and see if they like chewing or ringing bells or what...I don't think anything is wrong, because you say they are flying around, correct? So if they chirp often and are active, they should be fine. smile
Posted By: AndreaKat

Re: Toys - 01/14/08 10:06 PM

Did you just put the toys in there? Mine only like the toys that they can chew and shred.

Like this toy my keets and tiel wouldnt like

This toy, however, they would love!

Actually I had that toy for them and within like 5 days they had shredded the entire thing! But thats just my birds smile
Posted By: Meggie

Re: Toys - 01/14/08 10:40 PM

I have lots of bells, things that they can shred and ropes, and they are all accessible, they won't even use their cuttlebone. But they do chirp and fly around so I guess everything is fine. Mirrors are the only thing they use
Posted By: pretty bird

Re: Toys - 01/15/08 02:15 AM

Welcome and you may want to try this. If you have a wal-mart where you live go to the craft dept and buy a ball of hemp string about $4 to $5 but it lasts a long time there is lots of in on the ball.
Get multi grain cheerios and also buy a package of pony beads in the craft dept. I tie a pony bead on first then I string awhole bunch of cheerios on the string and tie it up for the birds. Not only is it a toy but they can eat it also.
Don't use papertowel or toilet paper rolls they have glue on them that are toxic to birds.
Posted By: joandboys

Re: Toys - 01/15/08 02:20 AM

Try ringing the bells and playing with them while the birds watch. Maybe they just don't get what to do with them LOL
Posted By: Meggie

Re: Toys - 01/16/08 01:42 AM

Thanks smile
Posted By: Cetan

Re: Toys - 01/16/08 05:31 PM

Also sometimes they will ignore a toy for weeks then suddenly discover it. I have this neon big acrylic swing I got on sale at the pet store, they completely ignored it - it might as well not have been there. Then yesterday Sweetgirl was climbing around on it.
Posted By: Faith says hi

Re: Toys - 01/16/08 06:19 PM

Mine often won't touch a new toy for days, weeks, months...

I think this is especially true for young keets in their first several months in your home. They are still a little cautious, and they don't have much experience with toys and what can be done with these things.

Have you tried moving the toys around? Sometimes that will cause them to get interested. (But don't move them too often, or you might make your keets constantly nervous. Give them a couple of weeks, or more, with any arrangement.)

As long as they are active and chirpy, I wouldn't worry too much.
Posted By: TheFearlessFour

Re: Toys - 01/17/08 01:53 AM

Kenya wasn't keen on her toys in the beginning, but I left them in there because she needed something to play with while in her cage. Now some she will play with and some she doesn't. I just leave them in there so if she does get bored with the ones she does play with she will have the others. I don't think she has even played with 2 of the 4 she got for Christmas.
Posted By: big bad momma

Re: Toys - 01/17/08 06:06 AM

my babies have a cage full of toys.there is something on each level,but there are days when all they want is to play among each other.I don't believe anyones bird plays with its toys everyday,there are times these little creatures can add real odd. there like little children.
Posted By: The_Zookeeper

Re: Toys - 01/17/08 04:03 PM

pretty bird, are multi grain cheerios the only ones you should give them?

what about honey nut cheerios? (I give them to Peace and Harmony and they love them)
Posted By: Cetan

Re: Toys - 01/17/08 06:07 PM

I think honey nut cheerios are too sweet, birds can get diabetes, stick with the plain cheerios. Mine love the cheerio toy so much - it takes me 10 minutes to string some up and they will literally demolish it so there is nothing but string (the cheerios end up in pieces falling to the bottom of the cage) in about 5 minutes
Posted By: Meggie

Re: Toys - 01/21/08 04:53 PM

Thanks everyone, I got the birds from a small petstore so they had a bundle and the cage came with the two birds, so the cage they came with is a travel cage now, but I moved all the toys from in there to there cage now and those are the only toys they play with. smile
Posted By: Faith says hi

Re: Toys - 01/21/08 05:17 PM

They are playing with the toys they are most familiar with? That makes sense; they know those are safe.

You could try removing one of their favorites and putting a new one that is similar in size and shape in the same spot. By now they probably have a sort of map in their heads of where they do what in the cage. So if you put something in a spot they think of as a toy spot, they're more likely to try playing with it.
Posted By: Missy_Welden

Re: Toys - 01/21/08 07:14 PM

They probably just don't like they toys you bought them. I have considered hanging a string made entirely out of the clips that attach the toys to the cage, seeing as how those are what my birds play with the most.
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