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New Keet

Posted By: Luck1981

New Keet - 12/22/07 07:23 PM

I got my first keet late yesterday aftrenoon. He has perched on my finger already with my gently coching but I don't think he has eaten or drank anything. I have given him time alone and have spend quiet time talking, whisleing and singing to him. I offered him a tiny piece of apple late last night but he did not want it. what other foods (fresh) can they have?
What else should I be doing? I have a wha I hink is a small cage I plan on getting a bigger one very soon.
Posted By: Jessica Rawks

Re: New Keet - 12/22/07 07:44 PM

Well, it's normal for a keet to not want to eat when you first bring them home. But if he doesn't eat soon I'd take him back to where you got him.
Go here for tons of great info!
Good luck with your new baby!
Posted By: Seafoam

Re: New Keet - 12/22/07 08:51 PM

He probably eats when you're not looking. wink
Posted By: prettyboy

Re: New Keet - 12/22/07 09:00 PM

Don't worry all keets are a bit scared at first in a day or so he'll start eating

Hint. look for the outer skin of the seed as they take it off

Good Luck
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: New Keet - 12/22/07 09:06 PM

Good idea, Prettyboy -- if you see hulls around then you know he's eating. Millet spray should really be given sparingly, not used as a regular food, but you might want to offer him some (on a small piece, not a whole piece) if you think he's not eating at all.

Other fresh foods = spinach, broccoli, carrot, cooked sweet potato... Again, I'd suggest small, non-threatening-size pieces while he adjusts to his new environment.

Good luck & welcome to the forum!
Posted By: Luck1981

Re: New Keet - 12/23/07 01:18 AM

Thank you to all who answered and to this web site. I don't think he has eaten but I did offer him a small piece of carrot and a small peice of banana.
Happy Holidays to all
thanks for the welcome!!!!!!!
Posted By: *6 budgie nutz*

Re: New Keet - 12/23/07 09:23 PM

it is normal for your bird not to eat right away , the best thing you can do is just leave him alone for a few days to let him get used to his environment. he is probably very scared right now, and by messing with him too often at this point is only going to make it worse. right now he see's you as a threat you took him from his home. just give it a few days. only changeing food and water and keeping the cage clean. do not stress him anymore than need be.
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