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Newbie Here!!!

Posted By: Jessica Rawks

Newbie Here!!! - 12/09/07 11:02 PM

Hello, everyone!! My name is Jessica, and I'm new here. I'm the mom to one human child, Kate, and a bunch of animal kids. We have Sunny, our newest member, he's a keet, then there's Miss Pearl and Harriet our rats, Gizmo our cat, Gordy the goldfish and Fluffy the betta! We just got Sunny the other day after our other parakeet, Myrtle, passed suddenly. Sunny is a baby and is fresh out of the nesting box. So far everything is great with him, except we're needing to watch him closely to make sure that he eats, since he was just taken from him mom. He's the sweetest thing EVER and loves to be held and to climb around in the Christmas tree!




Harriet is hairless. Miss Pearl is a blonde hooded rat.
Thanks so much for taking a look!!
Posted By: Amethyst

Re: Newbie Here!!! - 12/09/07 11:12 PM

welcome to the forum. you have a very handsome son, who reminds me of my nephew. i hope you enjoy this forum. how old is your son?
Posted By: Danielsmom

Re: Newbie Here!!! - 12/09/07 11:27 PM

Hey Everyone,,I'm a newbie too!! We got our first keet a few weeks ago now,beautiful blue young one my son named" SuperBird" after watching his antics lol. I came here looking for reasons other than fear that made SuperBird start biting and found a great forum here and have been reading abit. Thought I'd join.
Anywway,we let SuperBird out of the cage for the last few weeks and he found new "friends" in the mirror. He still loves us but I think he wants his friends in the cage not us(maybe why he bites?) Well back to basics for us for now. Hope to get to know you all
Posted By: Amethyst

Re: Newbie Here!!! - 12/09/07 11:29 PM

welcome davidsmom. hope i get to know you on the forum.
Posted By: Jessica Rawks

Re: Newbie Here!!! - 12/09/07 11:32 PM

Haha! 'He' is a 'She'! Common mistake that a lot of people make! She's just bald! LOL Her name is Kate and she is 15 months old.
Posted By: Jessica Rawks

Re: Newbie Here!!! - 12/09/07 11:34 PM

Mirrors are bad to give to birds. They bond with their new friend in the mirror and not with you. Perhaps he's being protective of his new friend and that's why he's biting you!
Posted By: mcartier

Re: Newbie Here!!! - 12/09/07 11:43 PM

Welcome Jessica and Danielsmom. I know you will both find this forum very informative and even entertaining, I know I definitely have =)
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Newbie Here!!! - 12/10/07 12:16 AM

welcome smile sorry about the bird passing but sunny is too cute smile i love the christmas tree pic

im sure keets look at those trees thinking OMG mommy got us this huge tree with tons of shiny toys on it wooooow haha

Posted By: Skish

Re: Newbie Here!!! - 12/10/07 12:41 AM

Aww, the picture of sunny in the christmas tree is the sweetest thing ever smile I wish Sky and Kish would go near ours, but they're scared stiff of it! x)
Posted By: Jessica Rawks

Re: Newbie Here!!! - 12/10/07 01:04 AM

Sunny just loves the tree. He's in it now, looking down on me! LOL It's a giant playground to him!!
Posted By: joandboys

Re: Newbie Here!!! - 12/10/07 01:11 AM

Welcome, what a cute baby, and I am astonished at the cat playing with the rats.Tell us more!
Posted By: joandboys

Re: Newbie Here!!! - 12/10/07 01:12 AM

Welcome to the forum,your probably right about the mirror.
Posted By: Jessica Rawks

Re: Newbie Here!!! - 12/10/07 03:16 AM

Well, we brought Gizmo, our cat, into our home when he was a tiny kitten and the rats were already established members of the family...I think he just kind of accepted them as housemates. Kinda funny, but it's cute. Sometimes we have to give him a little reminder 'shooshing' sound to get him from wrestling too hard, but other than that, no problems! He treats them like small cats!!
Posted By: lagirl143

Re: Newbie Here!!! - 12/10/07 05:17 AM

Welcome welcome Jessica, Sunny looks beatiful!!! and your daughter is so cute too smile

Posted By: Danielsmom

Re: Newbie Here!!! - 12/14/07 10:29 PM

Hey thanks for the welcome! Sorry it's been awhile but I was having trouble finding the forum again and then the pages. Some sites are easier than others. I hope to spend more time here and get to know ya'll. Everyone's posts seem like a bunch of happy and nice people here. "Superbird" has begun biting Daniel(my 8yrold) now that we have him(the bird lol) in a larger new cage. He'll settle I hope? Anyway,hope to get to know all of you soon
Posted By: TheFearlessFour

Re: Newbie Here!!! - 12/14/07 11:01 PM

hehe. I had my baby keet, Kenya in the bathroom with me the other day and she accidently ran into the mirror while when the mirror is all steamed up....there is an outline of her whole body on the mirror.
Posted By: The_Zookeeper

Re: Newbie Here!!! - 12/14/07 11:49 PM

your animals are absoltely adorable and so is your baby, I love children, but just a heads up, not trying to nag, but Lisa does not allow pictures of minors (those uner 18 years) to be posted, including children, so PDM's probably going to edit your post and take down the pictures of your baby.

I love your rats, I know I love my peace =]]]
your kitty reminds me of a darker version of tigger as a baby.

well, welcome to the forum, I know you'll love it here, it really is very fun... (yet also very addicting).
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