Lisa Shea


Posted By: Meggie

Feathers - 09/01/07 02:12 PM

I got two keets alittle over two months ago. They are the cutest. The only thing is that one of them is molting but I have been noticing big feathers coming off and this morning she didn't have any flight feathers on one wing!!!
I have never klipped there wings and I am not planning to until they are ready to come out of the cage. Is this normal or should I do something to help this
Posted By: Kiwi&Budgie

Re: Feathers - 09/01/07 02:42 PM

Look at its wing closely and see if you can see new flight feathers peeking out. Not all of them fall out at once, I would say mine lose theirs once a year but not all at one time. They may be fighting.
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