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Caring for litters of kittens

Posted By: jilly

Caring for litters of kittens - 08/21/11 03:24 AM

This is now becoming a habit. It seems there are so many feral cats here, dropping litters, that each summer I go through a flurry of kitten rescuing. Bottle feeding and all. Yes, i am doing it again.

I really don't want to do this again next summer, but I am starting to expect this will be a yearly occurrence. Too many strays that are unfixed in my neighborhood...
Posted By: kksuns

Re: Caring for litters of kittens - 08/21/11 08:03 PM

I remember you doing it last year jilly.
What do you do with them once they're weaned and all?
I think there should be a law as to how many cats you can own, or at the very least have to license them like dogs. Should have to be spayed or neutered also.
I have neighbors that have outdoor, basically feral, cats that just keep breeding and breeding and breeding. It's so sad because most of the time the kittens look so sickly with goopy eyes and all? Animal control doesn't do anything about it.
I'm not exactly a cat person but I do feel sorry for them.
What really ticks me is when they choose to use MY property as a litter box YUK or spray on my porch or grill cover or lawn furniture...wherever they darn well please! grrrrrrrosss
Leash law for cats???!! PLEEEASE!
Posted By: jilly

Re: Caring for litters of kittens - 08/23/11 04:45 AM

The last litters I brought to a shelter in Sedona that is no kill, and was pleased to see them get adopted out. Locally my only options are to stand with a basket in front of the grocery store - my local animal control would only destroy them within 48 hours. frown

I am about ready to find homes for some of these, and I will keep a few. I need to sit down and honestly budget how to afford their neuterings, other health care needs, food and litter. I have one cat left from last year's strays and I think i will keep three from this summer.

I have to find a way to make sure this doesn't happen again each summer, but have no ideas how this can be done. I can trap the strays, but i can't afford to neuter them all!
Posted By: kksuns

Re: Caring for litters of kittens - 08/23/11 11:00 AM

Sometimes area vets make deals when it comes to spaying and neutering multiples. Especially in case like you're talking about.
call around and ask dif vets if they can help out.
Same with Humane societies. They sometimes have special for spaying/neutering under these circumstances too.
Luck finding good homes for the little fur balls.

Keep it up and you're going to become known as the crazy cat lady. LOL
Posted By: tessboss

Re: Caring for litters of kittens - 08/23/11 11:15 AM

See if there is a cat shelter in your area. We have a no kill shelter just for cats here. They may be able to help you with the cost of getting them fixed too.
Posted By: jilly

Re: Caring for litters of kittens - 08/27/11 05:26 AM

LOL, KKsun, many cats does it take to be known as a crazy cat lady?
Posted By: jilly

Re: Caring for litters of kittens - 09/04/11 02:30 AM

These kitties are now old enough to be adopted out...time to start to look into shelters and ads.
Posted By: jilly

Re: Caring for litters of kittens - 09/19/11 03:33 AM

I have managed to get one of the kittens adopted out...and then I cried for an hour about letting him go!

Is this normal? Could you give your birds away?

At this point I am thinking i will just keep the five cats that are left...
Posted By: MarleyandMe

Re: Caring for litters of kittens - 09/27/11 04:12 AM

Oh Wow, I really know what you're going through.

I've been a foster carer for the RSPCA for over 10 years and taken on many many cats/kittens, dogs/puppies - even a horse! I'm such a sucker for the gorgeous little things, althought I now have a baby boy who is allergic so no more kitties frown - Dogs still come and go. So so so many tragic stories follow these animals, it's absolutely heartbreaking. I had a kitten, that came to me after both of his front legs were broken by teenagers who thought it would be neat to throw him off a second story building to see if cats really do "land on their feet". When I think of the absolute fear that kitten must have endured while being tortured for god knows how long it just brings tears to my eyes. (Happy to report he made a full recovery, was the most adorably affectionate little ginger boy and has a forever home with a lovely couple as an only pet). But these stories are just the tip of the iceberg.

Do you have an association with any animal rescue group that could help with costs? Sometimes if you speak to Vet's they can offer discounts for animal welfare carers who use them for treatment on a regular basis?

Good luck, and yes - it's quite normal to cry when you find them homes...I always did, sometimes I was sad to see them go, sometimes it was because I was so happy to know what a great life they had install for them after what they'd been through..
Posted By: tessboss

Re: Caring for litters of kittens - 09/27/11 11:09 AM

Jilly, do not keep the rest of the kittens. There are many loving homes for them and you will find them good homes. Yes they are adorable, and yes, you have grown attached but you have to do what is best for them and you in the long run.

Ask your self these questions before you decide to keep them. Do I have enough money for food, spaying, kitty litter, kitty shots, vet bills, etc? Do I have enough time for all the kittens?

It is very normal to feel sad when you place them in homes and they leave but put your big girl pants on and do the right thing for them and you.

You do not want to be the lady that everyone calls the "crazy cat lady" in town!!! lol
Posted By: jilly

Re: Caring for litters of kittens - 09/30/11 04:23 AM

Lol, maybe there are worse things than being crazy cat ladies...are any of you crazy bird ladies? smile

I set up an appt to bring some of the kittens to a no kill shelter. They can't see me until mid-december, but this will give me time to enjoy them all that much longer.
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