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Parakeet Siblings

Posted By: Puds

Parakeet Siblings - 12/29/09 11:28 PM

Eventually, one day when i can get my self a great nursing job i am looking forward to owning a small flock of keets. Now i have a question that would make a sailor blush. I am trying to be mature, so here it goes.

I would like a flock BUT NO BABIES. The only way i can see to that is to buy all one gender, but i also love the thought of seeing the gender differences. And i am no expert at sexing parakeets as babieslol! So i was thinking of buying a clutch. All from the same parents and the same laying. Here is the "keep it mature" question.....Would they ever try to mate? I WANT to say "no of course they know better" ....but there are some that mate with toys (randy devils!!) Would the male/female put them in breeding mode and have the female lay eggs( I know all females do not lay eggs, some never... just a general question)

I honestly have no idea, and i would like to know. Anyone have anykind of experance or info on this?
Posted By: illusive Fantasy

Re: Parakeet Siblings - 12/30/09 12:05 AM

t hey dont care if they are related or not when it comes to mating...and as such inbreeding is not good
Posted By: peepers14

Re: Parakeet Siblings - 12/30/09 01:44 AM

I would get a flock of males. I think they are more friendly and sociable ( based on the budgies i have seen in my life). You don't have to worry about eggs. Females can be tricky sometimes, you have to watch what type of toys you are putting in the cage if with males. Inbreeding is not good and buying a clutch would not be the 100% safest way of not having babies.
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