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Finch basket as Parakeet Nest?

Posted By: Nick L.

Finch basket as Parakeet Nest? - 02/23/09 03:52 PM

Hello everyone I am a new member and would like to start breeding my two parakeets. Yes I have read the other breeding posts and do have cuttle bone, vitaflight, food, water ect. In a 6 foot long avairy. My question is will a large finch nest hut work as a suitable nest for my keets? I understand it will be difficult to clean but I have it next to a large door I cut out, I assume it will work if I gently scoop out the eggs and shake out the material in the nest and replace it with clean bedding. Has anyone used this nest and know if it is safe for the eggs? Safety is the part i am worried about, too cramped? Thanks for any help!
Nest pic, I have largest one aprox. 4-6in-
Posted By: pollyannie

Re: Finch basket as Parakeet Nest? - 02/23/09 06:24 PM

I can't answer you question but I at least wanted to welcome you to the forum!
Posted By: BLR

Re: Finch basket as Parakeet Nest? - 02/23/09 07:32 PM

Welcome to the forum -

The finch nests that I have seen are not nearly big enough for keets to have babies in. Remember that the mom and dad have to have room - the babies grow very rapidly and will need room. Also it is the wrong shape. Keet nest boxes are not any mor expensive. They have a specific shape, size and floor in the box.
Posted By: Kelly Kai

Re: Finch basket as Parakeet Nest? - 03/04/09 12:37 AM

Angel refused a nesting box, the nice little nest of bedding I made, and any bowls I tried...she just wanted the floor of the cage.
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