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Bird aggression

Posted By: ameria

Bird aggression - 02/17/08 12:19 AM

I was wondering if anyone out there had some good advice for me. I have eight parakeets 4 female, 4 male. They all share an 3ft. by 2ft by 18 in. cage. And before anyone freaks out that its too many for one cage I should note that the cage is always open and they are free to fly from it to thier bird tree. They are seldom in it, mostly in the tree or top of the cage. I have three pairs and the other two have just recently started to bond. I have three breeding boxs hung on the wall. One pair has been much more into the whole breeding ordeal than anyone else. Except that whenever they start to mate one particular male, Nick, will attack the other male. I prefer to let nature take its course and since it never got too violent I thought I would let them work it out. But than Nick's female, Nickie (my kids named them) decided that she wanted the nesting box the other female had had for over a week. They got in a big fight attacking each other in the air and falling to the floor neither letting go. I know that they can fight to the death over a nesting area, so I broke it up and had to put Nickie who had a bleeding leg in a seperate cage. I went ahead and put Nick in there too since he kept breaking up the other two's mating. Since caging Nick and Nickie my other pair has been able to mate and lay an egg(s). My question is should I remove N and N to another area of my house so that they no longer see the other birds, or should I just move them to the larger cage and put a nesting box in it? Nickie crawls all over the cage, she is not to happy to be confined, but perhaps she is ready to mate and wants one of the nesting boxs? Thanks for the help!
Posted By: Noel+Syd+Elliot

Re: Bird aggression - 02/17/08 02:01 AM

thats a guestion for LLPB
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