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Posted By: monika

new to this - 01/31/08 04:47 PM

I have eight parakeets and enjoy them very much. When I got them they were mixed and I was told could not be sexed. I did not want to breed them so I have not provided a nesting box. However two of my keets decided to make do with something else. I had given them a shredding log normally for larger birds. They promptly hollowed it out and low and behold eggs have appeared. Now what? I don't want to remove the eggs so how do I help them have a healthy brood?
Posted By: The_Zookeeper

Re: new to this - 01/31/08 04:56 PM

Hi, welcome to the forum.

if you don't want the eggs, take them away and replace them with white marbles or false eggs.
if you want to keep them, are you prepared for more? eight can be a handful, are you going to be able to handle more?
I don't know a ton about breeding, but I beleive that if the mother wants to take care of them, she will. She may ignore them, however, and you may want to take the eggs out becuase they may be infertile anyway.

are all 8 in the same cage?
also, could you post pictures, depending on how old they are, we can help you out with sexing them. (you look at the cere (fleshy part above the beak) and it's the color that can tell you.)
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