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suffocating a rat in a dream

Posted By: jacinthe1

suffocating a rat in a dream - 01/25/13 09:18 PM

I had a sensate dream where i felt that an animal(i think it was a rat) was behind me whilst i slept, i deliberately rolled onto it to squash it, it quivered then i stayed on top of it until i thought i had suffocated it. It did not bite me. it was unusual because i seemed to becoming in and out of a dream state
Posted By: Lisa Shea

Re: suffocating a rat in a dream - 01/24/20 11:11 PM

I often have situations where I am dreaming and then I partially come awake. I am aware of my bedroom surroundings but at the same time there are dream elements which my mind somehow just melds in without much concern. The part of our brain which "suspends disbelief" in a dream is fairly powerful.
Posted By: Waqa11

Re: suffocating a rat in a dream - 03/06/20 08:27 PM

I dreamed of wolves, I fought with them and won. I think this is a good sign.

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