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got milk?

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got milk? - 12/16/09 12:00 PM

I don’t remember almost any of the dream except for this one part: I was trying to serve my husband and his friends some chocolate milk, but every time I poured the milk into glasses it disappeared, I went through two gallons of milk before my husband stormed in the kitchen demanding the chocolate milk. we start yelling at each other and I tell him that he should pour it and see what happens but he refused and didn’t believe me about what was happening and thought that I was pouring it down the drain. it was really frustrating. when I woke up form the dream I almost felt like smacking him in the arm. but of course I didn’t.
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Re: got milk? - 12/16/09 03:46 PM

Guess What - I have no clue about your dream but I have to share an experience I had. I was dreaming that my husband (at the time, now ex) was cheating on me and I caught him. When I woke up I was so mad that I hit him, and I think pretty hard. Well he was sound asleep and came up swinging, hit me quite by accident. Well I cried, he appoligized, even though it was me who woke him up from a sound sleep with a pretty hard smack.
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Re: got milk? - 12/31/09 10:54 AM

It does seem a little unfair to physically hit someone for something that happened in a dream! smile

My sister's ex husband had a dream that someone was invading the house and threatening the family, and he woke up swinging his fist. It took him a second or two to realize it was my sister there and not an evil attacker. Luckily he realized it in time, but it's scary. My boyfriend is very strong and could easily overpower me, and he sleeps very soundly. If he woke with some sort of a fear / attack thing strong in his mind, I would have to hope he snapped out of it really quickly.
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