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Julie the Cat

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Julie the Cat - 10/26/16 09:49 PM

Two days ago Julie sat on my lap on the porch steps. Yesterday she came out of her carrier but Bob had to carry her to the steps. Today she stayed in her carrier so I brought it out to sit by my side. It's the first day she hasn't actively come out of it when she saw she could go outside. She sniffed at the air a bit and then went back to sleep. She is fading. We treasure each remaining day. #namaste

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Re: Julie the Cat - 10/31/16 11:09 PM

Happy Halloween everyone! I took a lovely walk with JulieCat - it's a bit nippy out there so she mostly sat on my lap and watched the leaves. Now she's resting by a fire while I work on books. I've got a LOT on my plate for today so I'll try to get through it all!! What are you guys up to today? #namaste

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Re: Julie the Cat - 11/08/16 06:14 AM

I had all sorts of lists and plans for today. When I opened the back door Julie immediately scampered out. Not too shabby for a frail, elderly kitty. And so I put the rest aside and we went out and sat together for a while. #namaste

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Re: Julie the Cat - 11/14/16 12:07 AM

I found mindfulness in a quiet back yard session with JulieCat this afternoon. We are treasuring every day with her. She reminds us to breathe deeply and appreciate each moment. #Namaste

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Re: Julie the Cat - 11/18/16 04:44 AM

A mindfulness session on the back porch with Julie, as she got her daily outside time. It reminds me to treasure each day. #Namaste

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