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Our poor little cat

Posted By: PDM

Our poor little cat - 10/10/11 12:32 PM

Our little tom cat is only two, but he has had lots of health problems, ever since we acquired him from the RSCPA, as a wild, cuddly (apparently feral) kitten.

The vets don't know, exactly, what is the matter with him, but it's an auto-immune condition of some kind. Tests show that it isn't cat AIDS.

He gets abscesses and blisters on his pads, which bleed. A course of steroids helped with that, but he was unable to continue the treatment immediately, because he needed his annual booster shots.

Then he couldn't have it because he developed a kidney problem. His kidneys and lymph nodes were badly swollen. A course of antibiotics seemed to be helping, but the problem has not been cured and now he has oedema in his paw and ~ worse ~ his head. His face is swollen and he cannot see, so he is disoriented, unco-ordinated and nervous.

He is at the vets now. They think that all of his conditions may be linked.

I hope that they can help him. He is a beautiful affectionate little thing and it's horrible to see him unhappy smile
Posted By: wise

Re: Our poor little cat - 10/10/11 03:05 PM

I think it causes by the side effect of steroid, hope he recovers very soon, I'll pray for him. smile
Posted By: PDM

Re: Our poor little cat - 10/10/11 04:19 PM

Hello Wise smile

Thank you smile

It has been quite a while since he had the steroids, though, so I don't think that it can be that.

I think that it is the kidney problem.
Posted By: MarleyandMe

Re: Our poor little cat - 10/11/11 09:28 AM

Oh the poor guy. Big hugs.
Hopefully the vet will find some answers that can help him
Posted By: PDM

Re: Our poor little cat - 10/11/11 12:09 PM

Thanks, MarleyandMe ~ I do hope so smile
Posted By: illusive Fantasy

Re: Our poor little cat - 10/11/11 12:23 PM

geeeeeeesh poor lil guy...try some udder balm on his paws and sores and then check out some ALOE DETOX on line to give him...especially regarding he has internal stuff going on too..this stuff is great for that...and of course wishing the best outcome for sure. grin also PDM get some acidophilus capsules to put into his food ..maybe like half a capfull into can food and stir it in a bit.
Posted By: Kimberly1985

Re: Our poor little cat - 10/13/11 12:28 AM

Hope he gets better soon.
Posted By: PDM

Re: Our poor little cat - 10/13/11 12:45 PM


Thanks for the good wishes and advice.

It now looks as if it is lymphoma.

He could have lots more tests done, which would upset him and cost us thousands of pounds, but which might or might not provide information ~ certainly not treatment or cure.

He could have chemotherapy, but that can be distressing to the cat ~ and the outcome is iffy. For some cats it gives remission; very occasionally it cures; sometimes it does nothing but cause sickness. In our case, the steroids he had for his pads may / probably will prevent it working, anyway.

All the time he is getting sadder and sadder. He is now having trouble swallowing, so even taking his antibiotics is hard.

It is awful seeing him look so ill and miserable.
The vet just phoned me and I'm going to see her again tomorrow. Our cat has medication to take him up to then, but I don't know if its doing much good.

His weight is quite low, but stable; his blood pressure is high but may be going down slowly; he is very anaemic; he cannot see very much at all, but the lesions in his eyes are improving; he has oedema and haematoma.

His digestive / excretory system don't seem to be working well. I just hope that he isn't actually in pain.
Posted By: kksuns

Re: Our poor little cat - 10/13/11 02:19 PM

I am so very sorry your little guy has to go through all this. Also sorry you have to see it. I know it is sooo darn hard to watch an animal like this.

You are doing all you can possibly do for him. Hate to say it, but perhaps the best thing to do is let him go peacefully with a little dignity still in tact. I know this is not something you haven't already thought about frown
Hugs to you PDM ((((hugz)))

What is his name? It just seems so impersonal to me saying it or he. I hate that.. He's not just another number ya know?
Posted By: illusive Fantasy

Re: Our poor little cat - 10/13/11 07:39 PM

i agree kk sometimes the best showing of love we can provide is the heart wrenching decision of doing whats right for the animal when the quality of life is so drastically diminished...

soooo sorry PDM its never easy...BUT you did try and the cat knows.
Posted By: PDM

Re: Our poor little cat - 10/13/11 08:55 PM


His name is Scrappy, because he was such a tiny little scrap when we adopted him.

At the moment, there are some very slight signs of improvement ~ very, very slight ~ so the current plan is to let him complete his course of treatment and see if, by some miracle, he improves substantially. I shall discuss it again with the vet tomorrow. (I have been going there so often, lately, that it has set off my allergies.)

I hate to see him suffer, and would not let him endure tests that cannot help him. He has already had quite a few that have provided some useful information.

He is currently sad and unwell, but has occasional brighter moments. If he were in pain, then that would be different and I would, reluctantly, agree to say goodbye. For now, we are just going to give him the opportunity to get better ~ if that possibility exists.

If it does not, after he has had all of the medication, then I know what we shall have to do ~ but none of us wants that.
Posted By: illusive Fantasy

Re: Our poor little cat - 10/13/11 08:59 PM

im soooooooo sorry PDM honestly ...for the both of you this is surely NOT easy at wishing the BEST possible outcome thru all of this and wishing it all turns around very quickly...

as ever prayers will be sent and my very best positive thoughts and regards ...
Posted By: kksuns

Re: Our poor little cat - 10/13/11 09:08 PM

If there is still hope for recovery and quality of life..then we will continue to hope and pray right along with you PDM.
All the positive vibes I can muster up coming your way.
Hang tough Scrappy.
Posted By: PDM

Re: Our poor little cat - 10/14/11 11:46 PM

Thank you all smile

Yes, he is still fighting, and still bright at times, but he is definitely very poorly.

I spoke to the vet this evening and she agreed with me. He may improve enough to have a few days or weeks of decent-quality life. If he does, then great. If he doesn't, then we won't let him suffer.

A lot depends on how is is over the next day or two.
Posted By: jilly

Re: Our poor little cat - 10/15/11 09:38 PM

I hope Scrappy is doing better. By virtue of his name alone he should be a little fighter. Hang in there with all your love bathing him, and I guess we will see what your vet says. Sending good thoughts your way.
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