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Female Dog Agression

Posted By: Kumo

Female Dog Agression - 12/01/10 03:43 AM

I'm completely at my wits end and I have no clue what to do. I have a 3-4 year old female Pembroke Welsh Corgi and she's wonderful... Except...

She keeps attacking my other dogs! She's naturally a little protective just because as a puppy she wasn't socialized well, which I'm working on, but the aggression is just uncalled for. She's good with people except those she doesn't know and as long as I can get her focus on me and give her time to calm down and sniff them, she does okay. Like I said, work in progress, but I have no clue what to do about this constant attacking.

I don't know if spaying her would help. I can't afford obedience training right now, but I've been working with her myself and she's improved in all but that area. I've been told to look for reasons why she attacks and there just isn't any. She'll bump into them or they'll just walk by or she'll just randomly spring on them when they're not even near her. Maybe she wants to be the alpha and is asserting that, I don't know!

I have two other dogs in the house. One's a 14 year old Corgi-Shepherd mix and the other we think is a Chihuahua-Something mix, he's maybe a year old. Plus a cat. She's gone after and attacked them all. Put a notch in the Chihuahua's ear, scarred my cats nose and just tonight she tore a large split in the Corgi-Mix's ear.

I've tried putting her in a kennel when she's bad. Ignoring her. Asserting dominance. Everything those books on dog training say to do, I've done and bought the T-shirt to go along with.

It's getting so bad that my cat doesn't even want to walk around on the floor or be within ten feet of her. Which I don't blame him! She latches on and tugs.

Does anyone have ANY suggestions at all? I've gone to vets and all they tell me is that she needs to be spayed and it'll all go away, which I seriously doubt. She's going to be spayed soon anyways, but I get the vibe that isn't my solution.

I'm worried that she'll hurt the cat or the smaller dog or even my Corgi-mix so bad that it'll be irreversible.
Posted By: illusive Fantasy

Re: Female Dog Agression - 12/01/10 04:07 AM

yah thats seems to be the general answer for most vets..spay or neuter...sigh...question is when she attacks how do you handle it...

putting her in a kennel when she's bad is NOT HANDLING IT...Ignoring her is NOT handling it...and usually this means the dog has a LOT of pent up energy that needs to be WALKED off ...Corgi need a LOT of excercise...and as soon as the other dogs go to get near her...BLOCK her from going after them...and make her SIT and STAY and not act may need to have TWO people involved one to hold her close by your leg on a LEASH and someone else to walk the other dogs by her body language and as soon as she tenses and you suspect she is about to lunge DIVERT HER ATTENTION BEFORE she does that...make her SIT by your side...and take her for WALKS BRISK walks..eventually you will need someone to also walk with the other dogs also making sure she isnt a bully when walking altogether..

Have you never watched Caesar Romero the dog whisperer...???? He has never recommended spaying or neutering to get a dog submissive...thats not the start watching for his program and WATCH IT...A LOT...its not the dog who needs the most training ...its the owners...who actually inadvertently re-enforce bad behavior...

Ignoring and locking her up however,,,IS NOT ADDRESSING the issues...when the other animals are around she needs to be watched like a hawk and the second she even LOOKS like she is gonna be a BULLY ...BEFORE she act must be stopped...and she must then be made to relax and submit and calm down...and it all shows in her BODY language...
Posted By: Kumo

Re: Female Dog Agression - 12/01/10 04:27 AM

I take her for two walks a day. Like I said, I've been working with her in regards to socialization. She walks with my dogs fine and I've gotten her to the point where she sits and pays attention to me when other dogs are out and about while we are. It's just that she attacks them just when we're around the house and there's no rhyme or reason. I've tried the kennel, I've tried ignoring her, I've tried keeping her with me at all times with a leash literally tied to my belt. That's the issue. I've done everything every book and show on dog training has told me and it's just hopeless.

I know that Corgis by nature are stubborn dogs to train, but she's a serious problem child. My other dogs all behave beautifully. I've had four, so I know how to train dogs, it's just her. She's the only purebred I've had and the only one who's acted like this.
Posted By: Kumo

Re: Female Dog Agression - 12/01/10 04:30 AM

And I'm not trying to bash down your advice either! Sorry if it came out that way! @___@ That isn't it at all. Thank you very much! I haven't seen anything about that dog whisperer, but I will certainly look it up! Thank you again!
Posted By: illusive Fantasy

Re: Female Dog Agression - 12/01/10 04:41 AM

oh no worries...and you didnt say anything about doing all those things as well...hmmmm have you maybe watched the body language of THE OTHERS that may be triggering it possible ..its not her sending the negative vibes but its more noticeable as such becuz she responds to your other dogs body language...

and yes ..the DOG WHISPERER ...EXCELLENT program...and he has many videos etc out there ...been around a long time now...
Posted By: Kumo

Re: Female Dog Agression - 12/01/10 04:52 AM

Her and the Chihuahua get along pretty well. They play together and such. He kind of hangs around her a lot, but I don't see anything he does that might spur her on. The corgi-mix is older and weaker, so she might go after him for the sake of that. He doesn't go around her much. The cat is so scared he won't even go anywhere near her, but he hasn't been attacked for a few weeks.
Posted By: illusive Fantasy

Re: Female Dog Agression - 12/01/10 06:53 AM

She's gone after and attacked them all. Put a notch in the Chihuahua's ear, scarred my cats nose and just tonight she tore a large split in the Corgi-Mix's ear.

Well what you said there and then what you posted above is very confusing...its contradicting...

anyway ...good luck.
Posted By: Kumo

Re: Female Dog Agression - 12/01/10 08:35 AM

Sorry, not trying to confuse. Okay, while the Chihuahua and her play together, he still gets attacked. She's put a notch in his ear. She's bit the cat in the face. She split the Corgi-Mix's ear. It's like she's calm and sweet one minute and the next she's being super aggressive.

Thank you for your help. I'll keep trying new things.
Posted By: Mongrel

Re: Female Dog Agression - 12/01/10 01:50 PM

It amazed me at first but my wife's adopted uncle has a small chihuahua and it became terribly ill at anything that came close to him or the wife so he took the blender dog to a vet.

They actually have Zoloft and other antidepressants or whatever for dogs and other animals these days. Her Uncle was told to put the dog on Vitamin A, Give it a Lala toy for masturbation, and then he gave her a prescription for some kind of drug like xanax.

I hate to see any animal treated with synthetic drugs but that dog is now the most layed back thing I have ever seen. He does his lala about thirty times a day and the only time he gets aggravated is when you interrupt his personal time which could be in the middle of a thanksgiving dinner(it actually was this year... Really funny)
Posted By: BLR

Re: Female Dog Agression - 12/01/10 05:28 PM

Kumo, sorry but you are missing some body language and looks or barely audible sound. Are you the alpha of your dog pack? If you arent somebody is.

If all of the other dogs have been "fixed" then it may help to have her spayed. It sounds like you are going to have to convince her you are the pack leader and her behavior is unacceptable. Have you pinned her down until she submits. Is this something you can physically accomplish.

If she is calm one minute and aggresive the next, someone is saying something (probably body language or eye contact) to set it off.

Posted By: Kumo

Re: Female Dog Agression - 12/02/10 04:33 AM

I'm going to try keeping her around me more often and if the other dogs are around watching more closely. I'm thinking she might be possessive and easily scared.

When she was a puppy we used to do that all the time. We would push her over gently and hold her there for a bit till she gave in. A family friend told us about that.

Thank you for your help! I've looked into the dog whisperer and I've been watching his videos. I'm learning a few new things, so thank you very much for that suggestion!

I don't want my dog medicated, so I'm not even going to go there. She doesn't need medication, it probably just has to do with me not noticing certain things that tick her off.
Posted By: Mongrel

Re: Female Dog Agression - 12/02/10 11:38 AM

Sorry this post was meant for another thread. I have no idea how it wound up here. Cookie confusion crazy
Posted By: illusive Fantasy

Re: Female Dog Agression - 12/02/10 11:42 AM

what the heck geeeeeesh
Posted By: BLR

Re: Female Dog Agression - 12/02/10 01:21 PM

Kumo - dont push her over gently, take her down like you are grabbing a snake. Pushing her over gently does not send the message you are trying to send. She is probably expecting a tummy rub.
Posted By: Kumo

Re: Female Dog Agression - 12/02/10 04:33 PM

I'm probably just going to have to get rid of her. She attacked my Corgi-Mix this morning for no reason, same ear she got before. I watched for anything that might have set her off and nothing, she just jumped up and went after him when he was more than two yards away.
Posted By: illusive Fantasy

Re: Female Dog Agression - 12/02/10 08:23 PM

how long have you had her...??? And i think it maybe a good idea where this is a daily aggression thing she is doing and causing injury to the others
Posted By: Kumo

Re: Female Dog Agression - 12/03/10 04:57 AM

I've had her since she was a puppy, almost five years now. My mom is going to help me pay for obedience school and see if that works. If it doesn't then I guess I have to give her to a home where she's the only pet. I love her to death, but I have to think about my other dogs and my cat too.
Posted By: illusive Fantasy

Re: Female Dog Agression - 12/03/10 05:07 AM

hey obedience school is WONDERFUL...if you get someone who knows their stuff...what a GREAT IDEA...then you BOTH get lessons very happy about this for everyone's sake...WELL DONE WTG...doing a happy dance here for ya.
Posted By: Yoshi

Re: Female Dog Agression - 12/03/10 11:36 PM

Hi kumo
I was reading and was just wondering the moment before she attacks does it seem like she almost stops breathing or a moment where she just stares at the others. when you say she bumps in to one of the others she is litterly challangeing them and i agree with some of the dog whisper but if you are using aggression to treat aggression then all you are doing is the same as her and that is being a bully. keeping a leash on he is good but that can have a negitive effect as well as with most dog showing her you are the pack leader is the best bet when you take her on walks she should never be in front of you she should calm even before the leash goes on. give her a challenge different games to get her mind working. when you feed her make her sit and wait even the other dogs this will show them all you are the leader if you have to act like your eating the food. involve all the dogs in this. The thing you have to remember is she is a dog not a person don't get mad don't get flustered all that is doing is showing her that you are weaker than her. if you think she is easly scared than she might have fear aggresion and with her not being spay she is trying to be the top female of the house. just remember if you give her away there is a chance she will be put down i work with a rescue group called labe4rescue and you don't under stand just how many dogs with aggresion issues are put to sleep every day and all they needed was just some consistent structure. i am not a dog trainer but have picked so much just from what i do for a living. also i understand when you say you are worried for your other animals just take it slow remember she has had 5 years to settle in to this state it will take some time to get her to where you might want her. Also giving her somewhere she can calm down away from everything might help lots of time outs every little snap remove her till she calmed down bring her back out and so on eventually she will start to see hey if i do this i get taken away from my family and praise her alot even if she is just laying down sleeping call her over and just say good girl she will respond to pleasent things more then to the negitive. hope this helps. They also sell basket muzzles to prevent her from harming the other animals in the house she will be able to drink but you will have to take it off so she can eat. this is only a temp solution

this come from having an aggressive Pitbull that hated dogs and now attends doggy daycare three days a week and has a chihuahua for a brother here he is with his brother not to mention 5 parakeets
Posted By: illusive Fantasy

Re: Female Dog Agression - 12/04/10 01:14 AM

i still think the dog obedience school was a phenonminal idea as they can evaluate whats going on if its a health thing or a psycological thing whatever.
Posted By: Yoshi

Re: Female Dog Agression - 12/04/10 01:53 AM

i agree with illusive on obedience school if they tell you there is no hope they were never truely in it for your dog just your money and do a vet visit as well sometimes Hyperthyroidism can cause agression. and many times it is the one thing vets never check for.
Posted By: Kumo

Re: Female Dog Agression - 12/04/10 06:34 AM

Thank you very much Yoshi and Illusive and everyone for all the advice! When I first got my Corgi-Mix he hated men and was afraid of a lot of things due to being abused prior to me owning him. Then one day my mom started taking him to work with her at her bead store and after being exposed to so many people he grew very calm with people and now he's not afraid. I know first hand that if given the chance, dogs can change.

Which is why I have decided to do obedience school as well as getting her spayed. She's been with me since she was a puppy and I know that there were things I should have done better while raising her. I'm 18 now, I think I was 14 when I got her, so I didn't really know as much as I do now about dogs.

Trust me, before I even think of giving her away I'm going to work as hard as I can to deal with this aggression. I've seen how pit bulls from fighting rings have been rehabilitated, so I definitely know that it's worth a shot. It's just something I do need to consider. I have to put the safety and health of all my pets above everything else, so it's just a last measure.

My corgi-mix is at the vet's right now with ten puncture wounds in his head and ear as well as a split in his ear. It's just a last resort, but I can't let that happen again. It could be that she just needs some hard work and socialization. As I said, I was only 14 when I got her and I didn't know that she needed socialization then like I do now.

I've already been reading up on a lot of things I do that aren't helping her with her aggression. I kind of panic a little when she goes after the other animals and I panic and yell at her, which tips her off that I'm upset. That's something I need to work on.

I think it was Illusive who said something about how it's generally the owner that is the problem and not the dog. I 100% agree. I know that I'm probably at fault for a lot of her aggression and I guess that's the first step to changing her.

@___@ Sorry for the rant, just summing things up a little. Thank you all again for your suggestions and support. It really means a lot to me that there's people out there willing to give me some nice feedback.
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