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Cats WON"T stop peeing all over the house

Posted By: Looney Luna

Cats WON"T stop peeing all over the house - 04/23/09 07:16 PM

My dad has 2 cats and no matter what we do, they will not stop peeing(not spraying) but peeing all over the house. It started shortly after we got them(I was still living at home) 3 yrs ago and we have tried everything, we keep the litterbox clean, we clean the area with odor neutralizer's, soap and water, we yell at them if we see it happening, we lock them out of the room they pee in(but they just find another place to pee), we have tried giving them extra attention..but now Batman(the younger one) has started deficating on the couch in between the cushions and on the beds. The house smells so bad now, we recently just took the carpet out but the smell is still sooo strong..we can't find the's in the walls or something now. We aren't going to get rid of them but I worry about what will happen someday if the cats outlive my dad(he is 63, they are 4)but, with that behavior, none of us are going to want to take them in because they will destroy our house as there ANY way to get them to stop?
Posted By: BLR

Re: Cats WON"T stop peeing all over the house - 04/24/09 03:20 AM

Are the totally indoor cats or do they go outside also. If they are indoor/outdoor cats you might try putting in a cat door for them so they can go out at will.
Posted By: WhitePegasus

Re: Cats WON"T stop peeing all over the house - 04/24/09 03:59 AM

I'm not sure how well it works but you could try feliway spray.
Cat's also HATE citrus...but if they are using multiple spots it's very difficult to spray them all down with orange or lemmon.
Also are both cats fixed? If not that could be a HUGE source of the problem.
Here's an article from the veterinary online library for you to check out too.
Posted By: animalfriend

Re: Cats WON"T stop peeing all over the house - 04/24/09 04:08 AM

I have a cat who used to do that as well. She would just pee on anything that she saw fit and we think that it may have been a dominance thing over my other cat. We tried a product called feliway. They make a spray or a wall plugin that is supposed to stop a cat from urinating in places other than the litterbox. Here is a link to it on the petsmart website:
And a little information on it:

It basically a synthetic cat pherimone that tricks a cat into thinking their environment is safe and there is no reason to urinate or mark. It really worked well for quite a while, probably about a year, and then she started up again. So we took her to the vet and found out that she suffers from chronic urinary tract infections and we put her on a special food and she is better now. She rarely has an accident anymore.

I think if I was in your shoes I would first take them to a quick vet checkup to make sure there isn't a medical reason for the urinating. If they get the all clear from the vet then I would maybe try the feliway. It's a little on the expensive side, but it's a much better alternative to replacing carpet and furniture and a bottle would last us for a few months.

The vet also told us that it is very important to have one litterbox for each cat. So, with 2 cats you will need 2 litterboxes. This is because each cats like their own place to go to the bathroom that is private. Even if they use each othes boxes you should still have 2 of them.
Here is a good site that has some info and tips to try:

Hopefully I was able to help a little bit.
Posted By: animalfriend

Re: Cats WON"T stop peeing all over the house - 04/24/09 04:09 AM

Lol jinx WhitePegasus. I type too slow.
Posted By: Looney Luna

Re: Cats WON"T stop peeing all over the house - 04/24/09 05:45 PM

Yes, both cat's are fixed, but my parents got them fixed too late and my husband said if they start marking their territory before they are fixed, they will never stop and they started peeing before they got fixed, so, the habit had started already. I will try that spray you guys are recommending but they were always indoor cats(our neighbor gave them to us)and we can't let them out(1. they will get lost, 2. the Assoc. will call animal control). As far as 2 litter boxes, the only problem with that is the fact that the condo is so small 900sq ft., there is a problem with where it would go because there are 2 bedrooms(both of which the cats pee in, so they have been locked out of those rooms) the living room, a tiny bathroom(where the 1 litter box is now and it takes up half the bathroom) and the kitchen(which is tiny) the litter boxes smell so bad that to have one of them in the livingroom would be aweful..the smell would be aweful I mean(because my dad will only buy the cheap litter). I'll tell him what you guys suggested and I'll personally buy the spray. It's just so frustrating..I wish there was a "cat whisperer" I'd call him.
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