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Posted By: tessboss

Advertising - 07/16/13 07:50 AM

Has anyone noticed how bad the advertising hackers are hitting this site in last few months? It is getting very annoying. If I want to buy something I certainly would not buy from site hackers.
Posted By: illusive Fantasy

Re: Advertising - 07/16/13 01:13 PM

yesssssss I have and nothing is being done....they are hijacking threads and doing this nonsense...and doesn't seem to stop...they just keep coming...
Posted By: tessboss

Re: Advertising - 07/16/13 01:30 PM

We rarely had this problem in the past but now it is a daily problem. It has to be a great deal of work for the moderators. Someone has to delete and monitor the hackers all day long. I hope Lisa finds a fix for it soon.
Posted By: illusive Fantasy

Re: Advertising - 07/16/13 10:51 PM

lol and they just keep coming...more tonight lol
Posted By: Lisa Shea

Re: Advertising - 07/18/13 09:26 PM

We have anti-hacker software that checks incoming email addresses and IPs against a known hacker / spammer database. So we're already blocking quite a lot of people. The only ones that get through are the ones coming from "clean" systems. So if anything it's a sign of just how many millions of people out there now do this sort of thing on a daily basis.

There's no way to know, with a freshly made email address on gmail, what someone is going to do with it. So until they make that first spam post somewhere on the web, they can get in here. I then report them to the anti-spam group so they can't cause trouble anywhere else.

I do block brand new accounts from sending PMs or posting URLs, so they can't do *too* much harm. But, yes, the posts do still need to be deleted.
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